Manage applicants from the "Applicant Directory"

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When someone applies to your job posting, whether from your job board, Indeed, or if you manually added them, Humi creates an applicant profile for them. 

You can manage applicants in two places:

  • the "Applicants" tab on a specific job posting – shows all applicants who've applied for that particular job
  • the "Applicants" tab in "Recruiting" – shows all applicants from all job postings.

This article will explain the functions available, including how to:

Additionally, you can export your applicant information and data from the applicant directory. 

Applicant Search

To find a specific applicant, enter their name in the search bar under the "Applicants" tab (Recruiting > Applicants), and Humi will display all applicant profiles that match the name you've entered.

Find applicants using keywords

In the job posting's "Applicants" tab, you can use keywords to search your applicant pool and easily find people with the specific skills or experience you seek for the open job posting.


For example, if you want to see a list of applicants who have experience working with Java programming language, you could type "Java" into the search bar of your job posting. Humi will scan all uploaded documents for the word "Java" and only display applicants who have it on any other uploaded documents, such as their resume, cover letter, etc.


There are initially 16 people on the applicant list. Following a search for the keyword "Java," the applicant list is reduced to just five applicants. The five applicants displayed are the only ones whose uploaded documents include the word "Java."


As you can see, this is a quick and easy way to find the best candidates with the skills and experience needed for your job posting and help you hire the right person faster.

Filter applicants

To quickly find the applicants you need, you can use filters to manage the information displayed. For example, you can filter the applicant directory by job post, status, rating, and job funnel by clicking on the funnel icon next to the column name. 


You can apply multiple filters to make the applicant list as specific as required.

Sort the applicant list

You can quickly change the order of the applicant directory by clicking on any column name. An arrow will show you the list's order, either ascending or descending. 


Add a "Star-Rating" to an Applicant

Applicants are given star ratings based on the number of matching "autoscoring keywords" found on their application. Therefore, the more matching keywords included on their application, the higher their star rating.

You can manually adjust an applicant's star rating by clicking directly on the number of stars you would like to assign to the applicant.

Change their job funnel stage

You can easily change an applicant's "job funnel stage" from the applicant directory.

In the "Job Funnel" column, click on the dropdown menu and select the funnel stage you would like to move the applicant to.job-funnel.gif

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