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Recruiting is a collaborative effort between a lot of people. From the initial conversation to second, third or even fourth interviews, applicants can meet with many people throughout their hiring journey before getting the coveted job offer!

To make this collaboration a little easier, Humi has a fantastic feature where any hiring team member can leave a comment on an applicant's profile.

Hiring team members can only view these comments, and the applicants won't be able to see any of the comments you leave on their profile. However, note that any comments made on an applicant's profile will show the name of the commenter, their profile picture, and when they left the comment.

This article will explain: 

How to add a comment to an applicant's profile

  1. In "Recruiting," use the search box or scroll to find the job posting you need and click on it. 
  2. Find the applicant you require, then click on their name to enter their "Applicant Profile."
  3. In their applicant profile, click on the "Comments" tab.

  4. In the "Comments" section, select the "Visibility" from the dropdown menu and leave your comment in the "Leave a Comment" field. 


Comment visibility

Screen_Shot_2022-09-08_at_10.31.42_AM.pngWhen adding a comment to an applicant profile, you can choose between the following options for comment visibility:

  • Only Recruiters - Users with "Recruiter" access will see the comment.
  • Only Recruiters & Hiring Managers - Users with "Recruiter" access and "Hiring Manager" access will see the comment.
  • Everyone on the Hiring Team - All hiring team members will see the comment.
  • Private (Only Me) - You will be the only person who can see the comment, and it'll be hidden from everyone else on the hiring team, including admins.

Admins can see all comments, except those added under the "Private (Only Me) visibility. 

Important note

There are three access levels available to assign to members of the hiring team:

  • Recruiter Access – All admins and users with recruiter access will automatically have recruiter access and see all recruiting information.
  • Hiring Manager Access 
  • Basic Access 

Learn more about hiring team access levels.

How to tag someone in your comment

If there is a comment you'd like a specific hiring team member to see, you can do so by tagging them in the comment. When you tag someone in a comment, they'll receive a notification about the comment.


To tag someone in a comment, set the "Visibility" to "Everyone on the Hiring Team" and enter the "@" symbol in the "Leave a Comment" field. A list of the hiring team members will appear in a dropdown where you can select the person you want to tag.


Be aware of the comment visibility when tagging people in a comment. They'll only be able to see the comment if the visibility is set to "Everyone on the Hiring Team" or if they have the visibility access that you've selected. 

For example, if you tag someone in a comment with the visibility set to "Only Recruiters," but they don't have recruiter access, they will not see the comment or receive any notification.  

Editing and Deleting Comments

You can easily edit or delete a comment by clicking the three dots on the comment and choosing "Edit" or "Delete" from the dropdown menu. 



Admins can delete anyone's comments.

You're ready to start adding comments on applicant profiles. Using this feature can help reduce your hiring time and make it easier to remember applicants that really stand out. Use the links below to learn more about what you can do in the recruiting module. 

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