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Have you ever wished you could easily keep up with the events and important dates in your workplace through one dedicated calendar? Humi helps you do just that with Calendar Feeds.

Calendar Feeds allow you to add and subscribe to your employee's work anniversaries, birthdays, and time off by linking the details in Humi directly to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar. Efficiency–check!

To get started, head to Company and click on Calendar Feeds.



When you sync your calendar feed to another platform, the information will still be shown in Humi on the Upcoming Events on the homepage and also on the Time off Calendar.


Understanding Calendar Visibility

There are a few settings that affect the visibility of Time Off Calendar Feeds, as well as the details shown in each one. These include:

  1. Your assigned role within Humi
  2. Whether the general Time Off Leave Visibility setting is toggled on or off
    • Toggled On: Everyone will have access to the default calendar feeds available to their assigned role
    • Toggled Off: Everyone will have access to the My Time Off calendar feed, but only admins will have access to the rest of the calendar feeds
  3. The visibility settings of each type of time off
    • Public: All details will show, including the type and reason for the request
    • Private: the days booked off will show as “away” with no additional details


To learn more about setting up your Time Off Module, click here.


Choosing a Calendar Feed

Each calendar feed offers specific information so you can access the details you need most. Choose your role from the tabs below to learn about the purpose of each different calendar feed.

Admin Role Manager Role Employee Role

Admins have unlimited access to all details about requested time off in Humi.

Calendar Feed What it's for
Anniversaries Subscribing to this calendar will show all employee's work anniversaries
Birthdays Subscribing to this calendar will show all employee's birthdays
Company Time Off Shows all details for approved time off for people in the company
Department Time Off Shows all details for approved time off for people in their department

How to limit access to Calendar Feeds

If you would like to restrict employee and manager access to Calendar Feeds, you can do so by toggling off Time Off Visibility in your Time Off Settings.

This will remove employee and manager access to the Company and Department Calendar Feeds, but will still allow them to link up to their personal My Time Off feed.


How to Create and Sync your Calendar Feed

Below is a brief overview of how to add a calendar feed to your existing calendar platform. For additional instructions, we recommend reaching out to your default calendar provider.

Google Calendar Apple Calendar Outlook Calendar

Google Calendar

  1. In your Google Calendar, click the + button next to Other Calendars
  2. Select From URL in the dropdown menu
  3. Paste your Calendar Feed URL and click Add calendar


Each user will need to link their chosen calendar feeds individually if they’d like to use them. If you need access to the calendar feeds for another role, an admin will need to change your assigned permissions. To learn how to assign employee roles, click here.

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