How to Add or Update Company Positions

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Maintaining your company roster is no small feat. Thankfully, Humi makes it simple with the Positions tab. This handy feature shows all position titles, the active employee count for each position, and the date it was created.

As an Admin, you can easily add new positions, make changes to existing ones, and update the employees assigned to each. Use the dropdowns below to learn about everything you can do.

How to Add a New Position


  1. In Company, under the Positions tab, click on the Create Position button in the top right
  2. Using the pop-up, you can create a position name, select a corresponding colour, and add a brief description
  3. Once you're done, hit the save button in the bottom right to add your new position to Humi
  4. You'll be taken to a detailed view of the newly added position
  5. To view it alongside the rest of your roster, head back to the Positions tab by clicking the Back button in the top left


How to Edit an Existing Position


  1. In Company, under the Positions tab, click on the position you'd like to update
  2. You'll be taken to its dedicated page
  3. Select the Edit button on the right-hand side and use the pop-up to enter any desired changes
  4. When you're done, hit save to update the position in Humi


How to Delete an Existing Position


  1. In Company, under the Positions tab, click on the position you'd like to update
  2. You'll be taken to its dedicated page
  3. Click on the three dots in the top right and click Delete
  4. Humi will ask for you to confirm the action. Click Delete again to permanently remove the position from Humi

Employee's titles are attached to their position

When you delete a position, any employees currently assigned to that position will have their titles removed. To ensure they are accounted for in your roster, you'll need to update each affected employee separately.


How to Assign or Change an Employee's Position


  1. To make changes to an employee's position, you'll need to head over to the People module
  2. In People, find the employee that you'd like to update and click on their name
  3. Under the Job & Pay tab
  4. In the Employment Information section, click Edit in the top right
  5. Using the pop-up, scroll through to the Position section and click on the drop-down to select the appropriate option
  6. When you're happy with the new job title, hit save
  7. The employee's position will be updated in Humi

Employee count is based on active employees

The employee count for each position only includes active employees. If the employee's status is anything else, such as 'Onboarding,' they won't be included in the count. For a list of all employees and their assigned positions, you can generate a data export by going to Reporting > Data Export.

That's it! Now that you're a pro with these settings, have a look through some of the other ways you can harness the power of Humi!


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