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Before we get started setting up your time off types or policies, the first thing that needs to be done is configuring your Time Off General Settings.

In the Time Off section, under the Settings tab, you'll find a range of options to tailor the module to your needs.

This article will walk you through the General Settings section, including:

  • Visibility

  • Time Off balance display date on employee profiles

  • Backup Approver

Humi Tip

Once you've configured these settings, you won't need to adjust them again for a while so you can sit back and relax. However, we recommend revisiting them every few years to ensure your policies remain aligned with your evolving processes.


Set up General Settings

To get started, head to Time Off and click on the Settings tab. In the first section, General Settings, click Edit to start configuring your Time Off settings. 

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The first item to configure is visibility. This gives you the choice to decide whether or not you'd like time off taken by an employee to be visible to other employees within your company.  

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If you choose Yes, visible to other employees in your company, it means that employees will have visibility into who is currently away in the company.

On the other hand, if you select No, invisible to other employees in your company, this means that employees will only be able to view their own time off requests and won't have access to any other information about their colleagues' absences.


If you've enabled Time Off visibility, you can fine-tune the visibility settings when configuring Time Off Types. Time Off requests can simply show that someone is Away, or they can display more comprehensive details, including the Time Off type and description.

When visibility is enabled, employees can view their colleagues' time off requests in two places: the Humi homepage and the Humi Calendar.

On the Humi Homepage On the Humi Calendar



Time off balance display date on employee profiles

Answer the next question to choose how you want the employee's Time Off balances to appear on their employee profile.

Select Today for the amount they've accrued up to today's date to be displayed or you can choose Year End to display the balance as the total amount for the year, as defined by each policy setting.

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The year-end date will not default to December 31; instead, Humi will calculate and display the year-end balance based on the date entered in the policy settings.


Set up a Backup Approver

The final step is to set up a Backup Approver. Picking a backup approver is a fantastic way to keep things running smoothly and ensure that time off requests are swiftly handled, especially if the designated approver is unavailable.

This simple step helps streamline the process and saves all admins from being bombarded with time off requests during those times.

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The backup approver will receive the employee's request when the designated time-off approver is:

  • In Onboarding status
  • Terminated status
  • No Direct Manager has been set under the Employee Profile

Using the dropdown, you can select a specific person to be the designated backup approver or select All Active Admins if you'd like more than one person to be the backup approver. Learn more about how to set up a Backup Approver.


Configuring your Time Off settings is a crucial first step in creating an efficient time off management system. By carefully adjusting settings such as visibility, balance display, and backup approvers, you can ensure that your time off processes run smoothly and transparently for everyone involved.

Remember to revisit these settings periodically to keep them aligned with your evolving needs. With these steps in place, you're well on your way to managing time off effectively and keeping your team happy and organized.

And don't forget to book some time off for yourself too - you deserve it!

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