Time Off - Overall Settings

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Before setting up any time off types or policies, the first step is setting up your Time Off settings. In Time Off, under the Settings tab, you can configure a variety of options for the entire module.

This article will walk you through the Overall Settings, including:

  • Time Off Leave Visibility

  • Profile Balance Display Date

  • and Set a Backup Approver

Humi Tip

Once you've configured these settings, you won't need to adjust them again for a while. We do recommend checking back on these settings every few years to ensure your policies are still in line with your current processes.

Set up Time Off Overall Settings

To get started, head to Time Off and click on the Settings tab.

Time Off Leave Visibility


If this switch is on, employees will be able to see who is away. If it's off, employees will only be able to see their own time off requests and no other information.


When the "Time Off Leave Visibility" switch is turned on, these requests can just show that someone is "Away" or it can display full details such as Time Off type and description. This secondary level of visibility control is configured when setting up the Time Off type's visibility settings. 

If the "Time Off Leave Visibility" is switched on, employees will see their colleague's time off requests on the Humi homepage and the Humi Calendar.

On the Humi Homepage On the Humi Calendar


Profile Balance Display Date


In this field, select if you want the employee's Time Off balances to be displayed as the amount they've accrued up to today's date by selecting "Today," or select "Year End" for the balance to be displayed as the total amount for the year.  


The year-end date will not default to December 31; instead, Humi will calculate and display the year-end balance based on the date entered in the policy settings.

Set up a Backup Approver


The final step is to set up a Backup Approver. Selecting a backup approver is a good way to avoid any confusion and prevent all admins from getting time off requests when a designated approver is unavailable. 

The backup approver will receive the employee's request when the designated time-off approver is:

  • In Onboarding Status
  • Terminated Status
  • or No Direct Manager has been set under Employee Profile

Learn more about how to set up a "Backup Approver".

Once you've set up the fields in the Overall Settings section, the next step is setting up your work schedule. 

  Click here to set up your "Work Schedule"

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