Time Off Module Overview

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Humi's Time Off Module allows you to easily and accurately track time off with unlimited time off types and policies in various configurations.

Whether you're a startup offering unlimited vacation with automatic approval or a large company with stringent accrual schedules, accounting, and complex approval flows—Humi's got you covered!

There are a few things to set up before creating your first time off request. We recommend completing the tasks in the following order: 

  1. Set up General Time Off Settings
  2. Create your Approval Flows
  3. Set up your Work Schedule
  4. Create Time Off Types & Policies
  5. Assign the Time Off Policies to employees
  6. Import time off requests/balances and make any additional time off adjustments.
  7. Integrate your Time Off Types with your Income Types in Payroll
    This should be done after you’ve added the Income Types within the Payroll module, if applicable.
  8. Create your first Time Off Request
  9. Check out the Time Off Balances report

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