How to Run Payroll - Step 1: Hours

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If you're not familiar with Humi Payroll, check out our Payroll Overview article for an introduction. If you're ready to get started, keep on scrolling!


Once you've activated the Payroll & Time Off/Time Tracking integration, your Payroll experience will look a little different. Before you run payroll, you’ll have the opportunity to review all hours flowing into Payroll from Time Tracking and/or Time Off and review any hours that have been entered but not yet approved.

This article will go over how to run payroll for companies that have activated the integration. We'll be going over recurring payroll. If you're looking to make a one-time payment on an off-cycle payroll, check out our Off-Cycle payroll article.

Don't have the integration enabled?

If you don’t have the Payroll & Time Off/Time Tracking Integration enabled, you can skip to Step 2 - Edit Payroll now.


Important Notes Before Running Payroll

  • Ensure bank accounts, tax credits, compensations, and terminations are set up correctly for all employees
  • Ensure benefits and deductions and income types are set up correctly for all employees
  • Check that the payroll period’s dates are accurate
  • The typical deadline for running payroll is four business days before the payroll’s pay date, before 4:30 pm EST.
    (Note: We also have three-day processing, please reach out to support for this option.)


How to Run Payroll

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  1. To get started, head to Payroll and select the Run Payroll tab
  2. Select the Payroll you’d like to run
    • If your Payrolls are up-to-date, there should only be one listed here. If there’s more than one, that means you are likely late on a Payroll Period and should contact Humi Support immediately.
  3. This will bring you to the first part of running payroll, Step 1: Hours


Ensure Hours are Approved

The next step is ensuring that all pending hours on the payroll period have been approved.

    • The Payroll Hours list will show you all of the hours currently assigned to this Pay Period along with the status of their approval and the person who approved them.

    • Hours that are still pending approval will show at the top of the list. These will need to be approved before you can run your payroll if you want to include them in the current pay period.

      • For any hours that are still pending, they’ll need to be approved where they originated: in Time Tracking or Time Off.

      Send a Reminder

      To send a reminder about pending hours, click the Send Reminder button in the top left. This will allow you to send an email reminder to everyone who holds a responsibility to approve hours.

    • Once you have confirmed that all hours are approved and ready to go, you can move on to the next step: How to Lock your Pay Period


If you're using Time Tracking, "Hour Types" are required. Learn more here. 


Remember to Refresh!

The Hours step includes a Refresh button that helps you ensure the listed hours are up-to-date.

Forget to hit the button? Don’t worry! Humi will let you know if there’s any new data available before you move on to the next steps.


How to Lock a Pay Period

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Once you’ve ensured that all hours included in this pay period are ready to go, you’ll need to lock the pay period so you can move on to the next step.

  1. To lock a pay period, simply click the Lock pay period button in the top-left
  2. Once you have locked the pay period, you can move on to the next step in Running Payroll: Step 2 - Edit Payroll

Pending Hours Won’t Be Included

Keep in mind that once you lock a pay period, no pending hours will be included in the current pay period. Instead, they’ll be forwarded to the Late Hours from Past Payrolls section where they can be added to the next pay period (either off-cycle or regular).


How to Unlock a Pay Period

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If a locked pay period hasn’t been completed and paid out, you can unlock it to make adjustments.

  1. Head to Payroll and select the Run Payroll Tab
  2. Select the Pay Period you’d like to unlock
  3. Head to the Payroll hours section in Step 1: Hours
  4. Click the Unlock pay period button in the top-left
  5. The pay period will now be unlocked and you can make any necessary adjustments
  6. To lock it again, simply click the Lock pay period button


How to Add Late Hours from Past Payrolls

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If there are any outstanding hours that were approved late and weren’t included in a past pay period, they’ll show at the top of the page. These may be hours that weren’t approved in time on a past payroll period or hours that were added after the payroll period was completed.

You can add the outstanding hours to the current payroll period by following the steps below:

  1. Go through the list and select the hours you’d like to add to the current payroll period using the check box on the left-hand side
  2. When you’re ready, click Add selected hours to payroll in the bottom right corner
  3. The selected hours will be moved to the current payroll period and show a Late badge next to their status


Can I opt out of this experience?

Yes. If your company doesn’t wish to use the Time Off / Time Tracking & Payroll Integration, you can maintain your current experience by simply not activating the integration. If you don't have the integration enabled, feel free to skip to Step 2: Edit Payroll and carry on as usual.

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