How to Run Payroll - Step 4: Complete & Pay

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Have you finished step three?

Before jumping into this article, if you haven't read Step 3: Review Payroll Summary, we strongly recommend reading it first.


Humi says the payroll isn’t locked?

If you have the Time Off/Time Tracking & Payroll Integration enabled, you’ll need to lock your hours before you can click Complete & Pay. To learn how, click here.


What happens when I click Complete & Pay?

After all of that preparation, you’re ready to hit that Complete and Pay button in the bottom right corner. When you do, a few things will happen:

  1. Payroll is finalized.
    Once you click Complete & Pay, all the records within the payroll will become final and permanently locked in - you won't be able to make any other changes.
  2. If you owe Employer-Paid Health Taxes.
    1. If you owe Employer-Paid Health Taxes that must be remitted manually, a pop-up will show details about the amounts owed.
    2. To pay the amount owed, click Complete Payment to be redirected to the appropriate government portal.
    3. When you’ve finished with each line item, click the Continue button to close this window.
    4. If you choose not to manage these amounts right away, you’ll be able to access them when viewing the completed payroll details.
  3. Payroll is processed.
    Humi Payroll will now process the payments to your employees and remittances to the CRA based on the records from this payroll.
  4. Payroll is recorded.
    The information from this payroll will also become part of your employees’ records for the tax year and will be reported on their T4. You can now view this payroll in the payroll records section.
  5. Transaction List is populated.
    After you click Complete & Pay, Humi will take you to an overview page. Here you can see a list of transactions for the payroll, including:

    Title Description
    Type Debit or Credit

    How much was paid


    Who the payment was sent to
    Payor What account the payment was sent from
    Status The progress of the transaction
    Failure Code What the reason code is for the failed payment



It can take up to 4 business days to fully process payroll, so it's important to run payroll prior to your payroll deadline. If you missed the deadline, please contact support as soon as possible.


What if I notice an error?

At this stage, if errors are discovered within the payroll, please contact support immediately.


When will my employee(s) receive their pay?

Payments are processed in batches through the Canadian banking network and your employees will typically receive their payment around 6:00 am EST on the morning of payday.


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