How to edit a job posting

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If you need to make changes to your job posting after adding it to your job board, you can easily make changes from the "job posting" page.

In "Recruiting," click on the job posting you want to edit. Once you're on the "job posting" page, you can edit the job posting info from the "Information" tab and the "Settings" tab, depending on the information you want to change. 



Information tab

Settings tab

  • Job Posting Information
  • Hiring Team
  • Notifications
  • Job Board Integrations 
  • Job Description
  • Additional Applicant Questions
  • Auto-archiving Questions
  • Attachments
  • Required fields for applicants
  • Autoscoring Applicants (keywords) 


From this page, under the "Interview" tab, you can create interviews for the job posting to streamline your recruiting efforts. Learn more here.

Additionally, under the "Reports" tab, you'll see the "Time to Fill/Hire" reporting and job posting metrics which can help recruiters understand whether their current strategies are working and whether they should pivot or stick with their current recruiting plan. 

Important note

Your job board be automatically updated and will reflect all changes you make. However, existing applicants won't be notified of the updated information; only new applicants will see it on the job board.


Edit the job posting in the "Information" tab

Job Posting Information


In the "Job Posting Information" section under the "Information" tab, you can change the job title, location type (Remote, Hybrid, or Onsite), street address, job type, category, and compensation range.

Click "Edit" in the top right corner, make any necessary changes to the fields, and then click "Save."

A note about Indeed

The hybrid location type is not supported by Indeed, so applicants cannot filter for hybrid job postings on their platform. Jobs marked as “Hybrid” in Humi will display as “In-Person” on Indeed. This is because Indeed considers Hybrid positions a type of in-person work.

To make it easy for applicants to find your Hybrid position, we recommend adding the phrase “hybrid remote” in your job posting description. This will allow the job posting to appear when applicants search for “hybrid remote” jobs on Indeed.


Hiring Team


To add or remove people from the hiring team, click the "pencil" icon to make the changes. For an in-depth guide, check out this article on managing your hiring team.



All hiring team members will receive email notifications for new applicants when a job posting is live. You can manage these notifications in the "Notifications" section. If you don't want to receive any job posting notification emails, toggle the switch off, and it will turn grey. For more detailed information about managing applicant email notifications, click here. 


Job Board Integrations 

If you scroll down a little, you'll see the "Job Board Integrations" section. You can confirm that your Indeed integration is set up correctly in this section and ensure that the posting link is live on Indeed. 

Learn more about setting up your Indeed integration


Job Description



Finally, the last section is the "Job Description" field. If you need to make any changes to the job description, click "Edit" on the top right corner. Once you've made all the changes, click the "Save" button. 


Edit the job posting in the "Settings" tab

Additional Applicant Questions

In the "Settings" tab, you can add or remove additional applicant questions.


To add a question, click the "Add Question" button and select "From Scratch" to enter a new question, or you can save time by choosing "From previous" to use a question you already added on a previous job posting. 

Click the three dots on the question line and select "edit" or "delete" from the dropdown options to edit or delete a question.

Learn more about additional applicant questions.


Auto-archiving Questions

You can add auto-archiving questions in this section. To add, edit or delete a question, you can follow the exact instructions above for additional applicant questions. 

Once you've added your questions, click the "Save" button. 



In this section, you can edit the documents that you want applicants to attach when they apply to your job posting.


  • You can change the name of the documents you want from your applicants by clicking on the "Name" field and adjusting it. There are two "Document Types" to choose from, either a "File" or "Link."
  • Uncheck the "Required" box if the attachment is not required, but the applicant will see the option to attach the document if they choose to.
  • To remove a document entirely, click "X Remove." If you want to add additional documents for applicants to upload, click the "+ Add Attachment" link.

For example, if you want applicants to include a link to their portfolio, click the "+ Add Attachment" link, then enter "Portfolio" in the "Name" field and select "Link" from the "Document Type" dropdown menu.  


Required fields for applicants

You can update or change the required fields applicants must complete on the job application by checking or unchecking the boxes next to the fields in this section. 


By default, the "Name" and "Email" fields are required, but you can make the remaining fields optional by unchecking them. All of these fields will still be displayed on the application, but they will not be mandatory, so applicants can skip them if they wish. 

Any changes you make will be saved automatically.


Autoscoring Applicants (keywords)

Screen_Shot_2022-02-17_at_2.51.43_PM.pngIn this section, you can add or remove keywords you want Humi to search for on your applicant's resumes. In the "Label" field, enter the keywords you want to add or click the "X" to remove any keywords you no longer require.
Humi will give the applicant a rating out of 5 stars based on the number of matching keywords. 
Now you know how to make any changes to a job posting after being created. Learn more about our recruiting module using the links below. 
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