Manage job postings in "Draft" status

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We know it can feel like you're pulled in a million directions at work, so if you got distracted and needed to navigate away from the job posting you started, you can save it as a draft by clicking the "Save Draft" button instead of losing all of your work.

This article will explain how to:


The "Save Draft" button will only become visible once you've entered the "Basic Information" for the job posting.

Find and manage your job posting

When you save a job posting draft, it will have a "Draft" status. You can use the "Status" filter to easily find the drafted job posting you need by clicking on the funnel icon and selecting "Draft." Screen_Shot_2022-08-08_at_4.18.09_PM.png

All job postings are displayed in chronological order, so the most recently created one will be displayed at the top. 


Humi won’t autosave any changes to your job posting so if you click "Save Draft" and then make subsequent changes, you will need to click the "Save Draft" button again to save the changes.

If you navigate away from the screen before saving your changes, this pop-up will appear: 


If you click "Discard Changes," this will only discard any changes you made from the last time you saved the job posting draft - it won’t discard the entire job posting.

Complete your drafted job posting

When you're ready to complete the job posting, use the search bar or filters to find the drafted job posting. Once you've found it, click on it and you'll see that all of the information you previously entered will still be available on the job posting. 

Delete a drafted job posting 

If you no longer need a job posting that you saved as a draft, you can easily delete it from the job postings table.

In "Recruiting" under the "Job Postings" tab, find the drafted job posting using the search bar or filters. When you've located it, click the three dots and choose "Delete" from the dropdown menu. Screen_Shot_2022-08-08_at_5.13.34_PM.png


Only job postings in "Draft" status can be deleted. Published job postings can’t be deleted, but can be removed by "archiving" them.

That's it, you're now ready to manage any job postings in draft status. Use the links below to continue learning about the Recruiting module.

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