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There may be times when you need to book time off on behalf of an employee, for example, if they're a new hire and don't yet know how to create Time Off requests in Humi. 

Admins and direct managers have permission to create time off requests for their employees. 

Employee Note

If you're an employee wondering how to request time off, check out this help article. 

How to create a Time Off request for an employee

  1. In "People," use the search bar or scroll to find the employee you need. Then, click on their name, and Humi will direct you to their employee profile. 
  2. Click the "Time Off" tab and the "Record Time Off" button on the top right corner. Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_4.30.21_PM.png
  3. From the "Create Time Off Request" page, enter the details of the Time Off request. Then, use the calendar to select the dates and the dropdown menu to select the "Leave Type." You can add a description if you'd like. Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_4.32.23_PM.png


    By default, weekends and holidays will not count against their time off balance per the "Work Schedule" to which the employee is assigned.

4. Once you've added the request information, click the "Request" button.

5. After submitting the request, you'll see this page where you can review the details and see the approval flow. It will automatically be approved if you're the approver in the approval flow. 

After creating a request, employees will be able to edit the request. If they make any changes, this will reset the approval flow.

Admins can edit Time Off requests at any time.

Important Note

You can't edit the request to change the Time Off "Type." In this case, you should delete the existing request and create a new one using the correct "Type."

You're now ready to make Time Off requests on behalf of your employees if you ever need to. To learn how to make Time Off adjustments, click here or use the links below to learn more about the features available in our Time Off module.  

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