How to Remove an Employee from a Time Off Policy

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Sometimes, an employee goes on an extended leave, has received a promotion, or simply isn't eligible for a certain time off policy. When this happens, you'll need to remove them from the policy in question.

Thankfully, removing an employee from a Time Off Policy is simple in Humi. This article will show you how!

How to Remove an Employee from a Time Off Policy

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  1. In Time Off, under the Types & Policies tab, find the policy you'd like to make the adjustment to.
  2. Click the Three Dots on the right-hand side and select Assign.
  3. Humi will take you to a new window with a list of employees who are currently assigned to the policy
  4. Click the Select Employees button at the bottom of the list
  5. In the pop-up, click on the name of the employee you'd like to remove in the right-hand column (selected) to move them to the left-hand column (unselected)

    You can also add employees here

    You can also add employee(s) in this step by clicking on their name in the left-hand column (unselected) and moving them to the right-hand column (selected).

  6. When you're ready, click Assign
  7. Click Next in the bottom right
  8. If you've added any employees to the policy, you'll need to choose the date they will begin accruing time off for this policy
  9. When you're ready, click Next
  10. Lastly, for any employees you have removed from the policy, you'll need to choose the date they will stop accruing time off for this policy
  11. When you're done, click Save to confirm your changes
  12. The employees listed on your time off policy will be updated in Humi!


The new policy has been assigned to the employee and will take effect on the date you've chosen. You'll see the updated transactions reflected on the "Transactions Log" down below on the Employee profile, once you refresh the page.

If you'd like to tweak the employee's balance after the new policy is assigned, you can make an adjustment. Also, note that all accruals after the effective date will be overwritten however, requests, adjustments, and previous accruals won't be affected.

Need to change an assigned policy?

If you'd like to change the policy assigned without removing it completely, you can do so from the Employee Profile. Click here to learn how.

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