Step 2: Assign a task from a Task Template

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Now that you've created your "Task Template," the next step is assigning it to the required employee(s).

Before you begin

Click here to learn how to create a "Task Template" if you missed this step.

If you need to assign a one-off general task to a specific employee, you can do this directly from their employee profile. Click here to learn more. 

How to assign a task from a "Task Template"

Quick Steps

People > Tasks > Task Templates > Select the "Task Template" you want to assign > Task Template page > "Create Task Template" button > Select employees for the task > Click the "Select" button 

    1. In "People," click "Tasks" and select "Task Templates" from the dropdown menu. 

    2. Scroll or use the search bar to find the "Task Template" you want to

    3. Click on the "Task Template." You'll then be directed to the "Task Template Details" page.
    4. Click the "Apply Task Template" button on the top right corner. Screen_Shot_2021-12-29_at_2.35.56_PM.png 
    5. Select the employees you want to assign this task to by clicking on their names. To select all employees displayed, click the "Select Page" link. If there are more than 25 employees, use the arrows to go to the next page of employees.

      You can also use
      "Filters" to find the employees you need or type their names in the search box.


    6. Once you've selected all required employees, their names will move to the right, under the "Selected" side. Screen_Shot_2021-12-29_at_4.40.04_PM.png
    7. Click the green "Select" button to assign the task. 
    8. Scroll down to see the "Task Log" section, to see the employees who've been assigned the task.  task-log.gif

Task notification email

When you assign a task to an employee, they'll immediately receive an email that looks like this:


The email will include the task information, and if they click the "View Task" button, they'll be automatically directed to the task in the Humi app. 

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