Manage tasks from your Humi dashboard

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When you log in to Humi, the page you land on is the Humi dashboard. From here, you can easily manage any of your assigned tasks under the "My Tasks" tab.


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The "My Tasks" tab 

When you're assigned a task, you'll receive an email notification and a notification on your Humi dashboard "My Tasks" tab.

In the "My Tasks" tab, you'll see all of your assigned tasks. Click on the task to see the task details and any subtasks.


Completing Tasks

Once you've completed the task, you can quickly mark it as complete by clicking the "check box" next to the task.



If there are subtasks to complete, you can click on the task to view the task details and check off all subtasks as you complete them.

Note that completing all subtasks will not automatically mark the task as completed, you must click the "Mark as Complete" button.


How to view completed tasks

From the "My Tasks" tab, you can view the tasks you've completed by clicking the three dots next to "All tasks" and selecting "View Completed Tasks" from the dropdown menu. Screen_Shot_2021-12-30_at_3.57.10_PM.png

You'll be directed to the "My Completed Tasks" page, which will display all your completed tasks.


What to do if you accidentally mark a task as "complete?"

If you accidentally clicked the "complete" button or the "Mark as complete" button before you've actually done the task, you can find this task on the "My Completed Tasks" page.

Navigate to your completed tasks page and remove the "completed" checkmark from the task. The task will automatically be moved back into your "My Tasks" tab on your Humi dashboard.


 The "All Tasks" page


From the "My Tasks" tab, you can click the "All Tasks" link to be quickly directed to the "All Tasks" page, where you can manage all outstanding tasks and trigger "Reminders" if needed. 

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