How to Set Up Reviews and Select Participants

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The Performance Review Feature gives you an easy way to manage employee reviews, right in Humi! Choose the purpose, timeline, and participants of your reviews, and even schedule them to recur as needed.

Still Need a Review Template?

When you create a review, you’ll need to select a template from the Template Directory. This template provides the questions that will be sent out to employees during the review. If you haven’t created a Review Template yet, click here to learn how.

Configure Review Details

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To get started, head to Performance and select the Reviews tab. Then, click the + Create Review button to create a new review.

When setting up a review, there are six key pieces of information to fill in:


It’s important to give your review a relevant name, as this will be the title shown to anyone who is assigned to the review. You will also be able to search for this review using its title.

If you choose to have this review repeated on a regular interval (eg. Annually), the title will be the same each time it renews.

Review Instructions

These instructions will be visible to all participants of the review. This is a good place to add general information about what the review is for and what participants can expect from it.

The frequency determines how often this review will repeat and be sent out to participants.

There are six options to choose from:

  1. Once
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Quarterly
  5. Semiannually
  6. Annually


If you set a review as recurring, it will auto-populate with the same title, reviewee, participants, frequency, similar schedule length, and review period, based on the day you set as the start date. For example, if you create an annual review for May 30th, 2023, it will renew on May 30th, 2024, with a similar review period and due date.

How do I stop a recurring review?

To stop repeating a review, simply change the frequency of the first iteration of the review to Once.

Review Period The Review Period is the timeframe that the questions within a review will be referring to. When answering the questions, the participants of the review will base their answers within this timeframe.
Start Date The Review Start Date is when the review will be sent out to participants.
Due Date The Review Due Date is the day the review must completed by.


Select Review Template

The review template is the set of questions that the participants will be required to answer. Only admins can access the templates feature unless an employee has a custom role that has access to managing templates.

When using a template, the same questions provided within the template will be given out to each participant. If you want specific employees to answer a different set of questions, then you must create a different template and review.


Set Response Access

The Response Access setting allows you to choose who will have access to view the responses to this review.

Admins By default, all admins can see review responses that are completed or in progress.
Direct Managers

You can choose to allow direct managers access to the answers to the review in one of two ways:

  1. Can see review responses once the review has been completed by all participants
  2. Can view submitted review responses, even when the reviews are still in progress.
Reviewee & Other Participants You can also choose whether to show the responses to the reviewee and/or other participants once the review has been completed.


Select the Reviewees

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The next step is to select the reviewees. A reviewee is the person the review is about.

  1. Click the Add or Remove Reviewees button to open the employee picker
  2. You can select from the list, search for individuals by name, or use the filter to narrow down by department, position, status, office, or employment type.
  3. To add a reviewee to the list, click on their name in the left-hand column.
  4. To remove a reviewee, click on their name on the right-hand column.
  5. You can select as many reviewees as you’d like.
  6. When you’re ready, click Save.


Select the Participants

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The next step is to choose who will be filling in the questions during the review. There are four auto-select options for adding participants that are broken down based on the reporting structure of the reviewer. You can also add additional employees using the Edit Participants button.

Participant Auto-Select Options:

Reviewee self Mark the reviewee as a participant, making it a self-evaluation.
Reviewee's manager The managers that appear are employees the reviewee reports to.

Reviewee's direct reports

The direct reports that appear are the employees that directly report to the reviewee. This will make this an upward review.
Reviewee's peers The peers are the employees who share the same direct manager as the reviewee.
Other participants You can also add employees from other departments by clicking the Edit Participants button on the right-hand side.


No Looky-Loos

All selected participants will be required to answer the questions in the review. Therefore, it is not possible to add someone to a review if you only want them to be able to view it.

Forget to Add Someone?

If you forget to add an employee to a review during this step, you can still add them later by editing the review.


Review Summary

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The final step is to look over everything you have just set up.

The summary will show you:

  • The Review Details
  • The Review Start & Due Dates
  • The Reviewees & Participants
  • The Review Template
  • The Response Access settings

If everything looks good, go ahead and click Complete to finish creating your review!


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