How to Set Up Reviews and Select Participants

The performance review feature is designed to give employees an idea of their performance within a specific timeframe. When you create a review, you select a template from the existing templates in both the performance and survey template directory. This template provides the questions about the reviewee that will be sent out to employees who are assigned to the review.


Configure Review Details

In order to start the process of creating a review, you must go into the "Reviews" tab of the performance module and click on the "+" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

When configuring the details of a review, you must fill in five fields:

  • Title 
  • Reviewee
  • Frequency
  • Schedule
  • Review Period


The title is the name that the review will be referenced by within Humi. You can use the title within the search bar, in the performance module, to locate the review. It is important to note that the title will be repeat if you place it on a multiple-interval frequency. For example, if you are creating a quarterly review it would make more sense to title it “Quarterly Review” rather than “Q1 Review”.


The reviewee is the subject of the review. When participants are completing the set of questions in the review, their answers will be in reference to the performance of the reviewee that you select.


The frequency determines the intervals that the review is sent out at. There are six options: once, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.

If you set a review as recurring, a review will be auto-populate with the same title, reviewee, participants, frequency, similar schedule length, review period, and it will recur based on the day you set as the start date. For example, if you set something quarterly starting May 30th, it will be sent out quarterly from May 30th, not quarterly based on the year. Using the same length of time as the original schedule, it will populate a new start date and due date in relation to the date the recurring review was created.

Please note, if you would like to stop a review form reoccurring you can still edit the frequency of a review after it's been created (even if it is complete).


The start date is the date that the review will be sent out to the participants. The due date is the date that the review must be completed by.

Review Period

The review period is the timeframe that the review will be based on. When answering the questions, the participants of the review will refer to this timeframe.


Select Review Template

The review template is the set of questions that the participants will be required to answer. Only admins can access the templates feature, unless an employee has a custom role that has access to managing templates.

When using a template, the same questions provided within the template will be given out to each participant. If you want specific employees to answer a different set of questions, then you must create a different template and review.


Select Participants

When selecting the participants of a review please note that all participants will be required to answer the questions; this is important as all participants must complete the review in order to view the results. Therefore, it is not possible to add an employee to a review if you just want them to be able to view it.

By default, review responses can be seen by the reviewee's manager and admins. You also have the option to toggle whether or not the subject or other participants should have access to view completed reviews.

The selection of the participants is broken down into four sections based on the reporting structure of the reviewee:

  • You will be able to choose the reviewee as a participant, making it a self-evaluation.
  • The managers that appear are employees to who the reviewee reports to.
  • The direct reports that appear are the employees that directly report to the reviewee.
  • The section titled “Peers” is the employees who share the same direct reports as the reviewee.

If you forget to add an employee to a review you can still add them post-creation of the review. (To read more about editing reviews after it's been created please see the managing reviews help doc).

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