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Humi's performance module makes it super easy to implement the best performance management practices.

You can gather feedback in three ways:

  1. Performance Reviews: Schedule feedback using a review template and assign it to anyone on your team, like the reviewee's manager, coworker, or direct reports.
  2. Goals: Set recurring or ad-hoc performance targets for one or more employees.
  3. Feedback: Give and receive ad-hoc feedback from anyone in the organization.

While goals and feedback alone are powerful tools to review performance, we've also seamlessly integrated them into performance reviews. 

For instance, any feedback or goals given during the review period can be displayed within the review itself, giving you a comprehensive view of an employee's performance during that timeframe.

Here's an overview of the structure of the Performance module:


As you can see in the flowchart above, our performance reviews are crafted using review templates, which provide a pre-defined question structure that can be reused across different reviews. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Create the Template: Start by creating a review template.
  2. Create a Review: Use the template to set up a new review.
  3. Assign Reviewers and Employees: Assign the review to the appropriate reviewer(s) and employee.
  4. Complete the Review: Both parties complete their parts of the review.
  5. Review and Discuss: Once finished, you can view the completed review and discuss the employee's performance together.

Sometimes, when a review is completed, you may have additional thoughts or notes to add. To make tracking this important data easier, admins and direct managers can add notes to any review.

There are also many other functions available, such as exporting data, force completing reviews, or reminding participants to complete their review. Click here to learn about managing reviews.

To start, click here to learn how to create a Performance Review Template. 

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