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Folders are a great way to organize your documents, but as your company grows and more documents are added, it may become difficult to find specific documents quickly.

This is where the use of "Tags" comes into play. Tags function as a filter, so you can quickly find what you're looking for by adding tags to your documents.

How document tags work

In "Documents," when you select a tag from the "Tags" section, a filter is activated so the search results will only display documents with that tag attached to them. You can add multiple tags to a document, allowing you to categorize your documents further and help narrow your search.


We strongly encourage you to use tags for every document you create. All tags you've added will be displayed in the "Tags" section in the bottom left corner.

This article will explain how to:

Add tags while uploading a document

The most efficient way to add tags to your documents is when uploading your document. When you're on the document upload page (Documents > "+ Add Document" > Select the document type > Upload document) you can create tags or add existing tags in the "Tags" field. 

If you forgot to add tags here, don't worry, you can add or remove tags from your documents at any time. 

Add a new tag

  1. After selecting the document you want to upload, Humi will direct you to the document upload page, where you'll see the "Tags" field. Screen_Shot_2022-04-11_at_12.25.23_PM.png 
  2. In the "Tags" field, type in the new tag name, then select "add 'New tag'" from the dropdown or press "Enter/Return" on your keyboard.Screen_Shot_2022-03-28_at_4.39.25_PM.png
  3. The newly created tag will appear in the "Tags" field with an "X" beside it, which you can use to delete the tag if necessary. You can add as many tags as you want in this field.


    Adding more tags can help you narrow down your search and find the content faster when using tags to search.


Add an existing tag

Click on the "Tags" field from the document upload page and select the existing tag from the dropdown menu. Additionally, you can start typing the tag name and select it when it appears on the dropdown menu.


Add or delete tags on a document 

If you forgot to add tags to your document or want to remove existing tags from a document, you can easily do this from the document page.  


  1. In "Documents,"  find the document you need using the search bar, tags, or its respective folder.
  2. Click on the document you want to edit, and Humi will direct you to the document page.
  3. Click the three dots on the top right corner and select "Rename & edit tags" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the "Tags" field on the "Edit Document" pop-up, and choose an existing tag from the dropdown menu or create a new tag by typing it in and hitting "enter/return" on your keyboard.

    Delete tags

    In the "Edit Document" pop-up, You can remove unwanted tags by clicking the "X" next to the tag name.


Rename a document tag


    1. In "Documents," scroll down to the bottom left corner where the "Tags" section is located. 
    2. Find the tag you want to rename and click the three dots. 
    3. Select "Rename" from the dropdown menu.
    4. Add the new tag name in the pop-up and click "Save."


When you rename a document tag, all documents previously tagged will be updated to reflect the new tag name.

Find a document using "Tags"

To find a specific document using tags, click on the checkbox next to the tag name to select the tag(s) related to it.

Humi will apply a filter to "Documents," limiting your search results to documents that contain the tag(s) you've chosen.


You can select more than one tag to search for a document. If more than one tag is selected, you'll see all tags chosen at the top of the search list as shown here:


Important note

You can only add tags to individual documents; unfortunately, you can't add them to folders at this time. 

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