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In the employee profile, under the "More" dropdown menu, you'll find a list of additional tools. The items visible will vary depending on your company's current modules and your personal roles & permissions.

This article will explain what you can do in each of the additional pages.

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If you want to see the employee's answers to surveys or what surveys they've been assigned, you can find them here. 



You can set up a reminder for this employee from this page if you have a specific assignment you need them to finish by a certain date.

Click on the "+ Create Reminder" link in the top right corner and enter the required information in the pop-up then click "Save." Screen_Shot_2022-11-21_at_2.46.20_PM.png

The reminder will be sent when you scheduled it. 



Admins have a completely private space to store notes on an employee in the "Records" tab. The content added here is also hidden from the employee's direct managers.

You can use this section to record any private information about the employee that you need to keep a record of. This information is not exported in reporting and will never be shown in other application parts.

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You can create a new task specifically for this employee from here or apply an existing task template for them from this page.

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Learn how to use our powerful Tasks feature

You can learn how to create onboarding tasks, offboarding tasks, and more in our Tasks Guide.



This is where you can see if the employee has any upcoming training programs to complete, as well as view any completed training.


If they've completed training outside of the Humi platform, for example, "CPR Training," you can add it to the use the "Completed Training" section using the "+ Completed Training" link.


Time Tracking

The Time Tracking tab in the Employee Profile offers an easy way to view timesheet entries for a specific employee. Admins can also use this tab to enter hours and export the employee’s timesheet data.

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Who can see this tab?

This tab is visible to admins, direct managers, and project owners who have permission to view employee profiles and have been added to Time Tracking. Only admins can export data or enter hours from this page.

Check out the table below to learn about the data available in each field.

Column Name Description
Date The date specified when these hours were entered.
Project The name of the project these hours were entered for.
Note The attached note for this entry, if included.
Hours The number of hours for this specific entry.
Status The status of the entry.



If the employee is on Humi Payroll, you'll find all their past paystubs here. 

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There are three things you can do in "Account" from the employee profile:

  • "Sign in" as the employee – This lets you see the Humi platform from that employee's perspective. It's helpful for times when you want to verify that everything is assigned or set up as intended.
  • Lock account – This prevents the employee from using their account in any way; if they attempt to login in, they will get a notice similar to the one below.

  • Manage emails –  Admins or managers can manage employees' emails in Humi from this page. Employees are typically onboarded using their personal email. If you need to change it to a company email, click the "+ Add new email" link and enter it as the primary email address. Learn more here. 



This section provides a list of all the company assets possessed by this employee. If you've given the employee any company assets, such as a computer, keyboard, mouse, or other equipment, it will only appear here if you've used our "Asset Tracker" feature.

And that's all you'll find on the employee profile's "More" tab. Learn more about the People module by clicking on the links below.


  Discover more about People

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