Getting Started with Humi

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Welcome to Humi!

Getting started with a new platform can be equally exciting and overwhelming. To make things easy, we've created this quick guide to help you get familiar with the primary functions of Humi.

So grab your favourite drink and follow the steps below to start setting yourself up for success!

This article is for Admins

If you're an employee hoping to get familiar with Humi, check out our Humi Guides for Employees.

Step 1: Getting Started


  1. Initial Account Activation for Admins

    The first step is to complete the activation of your company Humi Account.

    The activation link will be sent to you via email from Be sure to complete all steps and check that your company's credit card information and postal code are correct.

    Important Note

    If the onboarding link isn't received, please get in touch with your Account Executive.

  2. Learn How to Prepare & Import Employee Data

    Once your company's account is activated, the next step is to import your employee data to Humi. After the first import, this Bulk Importer can also be used to batch update the data within existing employee profiles.

Step 2: People Module


The People module allows you to efficiently manage your company's most precious asset – your people. From Onboarding to task management, find everything you need in this integral part of Humi.

  1. Start Here - People Module Overview
  2. Choosing Your Onboarding Settings
  3. Learn about Tasks
  4. How to add an individual employee to Humi
Step 3: Documents Module


The documents module is your one-stop shop for digital signing and assigning documents. Create document templates, share company-wide policies, and more. You can also add individual documents directly to employee profiles.

  1. How to Add Folders
  2. Adding Documents to Humi
  3. How to Add Documents Directly to an Employee's Profile
Step 4: Settings Module


The Settings Module allows you to customize Humi notification preferences, employee permissions, company billing, and more.

  1. Learn about Humi's Default Roles
  2. How to Create a Custom Role
  3. Add Your Company Logo
Step 5: Time Tracking Module


The Time Tracking Module offers your company a better way to track employee time. Add hours worked to your existing source of truth for employee data, simplify the way you submit, track, and approve employee hours, and generate detailed reports to get the data you need to keep projects on track.

  1. How to Add or Remove Employees
  2. Adding Deadlines & Reminders
  3. Understanding Approval Flows
  4. Managing Projects
  5. How to Approve & Manage Timesheet Records
Step 6: Time Off Module


The Time Off Module allows you to create custom time off policies and easily manage employee requests.

  1. Configure your Time Off Settings
  2. How to Create a Time Off Type
  3. How to Create a Time Off Policy
  4. Understanding Advanced Settings
  5. How to Assign a Time Off Policy
  6. Importing your Employees' Time Off Data

Important Note

To help ensure your policies align with your employment agreements and local legislation, have a read through the following articles:

Step 7: Invite Your Employees


When you're ready to launch, invite all your employees to activate their Humi accounts with a few simple clicks! Learn how here: 

Step 8: Payroll Module


If you'll be using Humi for Payroll, now is the time to start getting everything ready for your first payday! Humi's payroll system seamlessly integrates with all your HR needs to make things simple. Check out the guide below to get started:

Step 9: Recruiting Module


Hiring is easy as pie with the Recruiting Module. Save time with Indeed integration, custom hiring funnels, and custom workflow automation. Plus, you can collaborate with your whole hiring team and unify your hiring platform with your employee database – all in Humi.

Have a look at our guide below to get started:

Step 10: Performance Module


The Performance Module helps your team reach their full potential with goal setting, recurring review cycles, automated reminders, anonymous surveys, and more. You can build employee confidence, stay on track, and easily foster career growth for everyone on your team.

Check out the guide below to get started:


Congratulations on getting set up with Humi HR!

We're so excited to have you here.



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