How Implementation Works

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Streamlining for Success: Understanding the Implementation Process

Welcome to Humi! This page gives you an overview of our implementation process, including our personalized 1:1 training to help you feel confident with Humi.

Our stress-free implementation process will be tailored to your company's specific needs to ensure you have an exceptional start with us. On top of that, you’ll find excellent, unlimited, and free resources available through our Humi Help Centre.

Taking the first steps with Humi

  1. Activate your account

    Your Account Executive will send you an activation link via email from Having issues? Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

  2. Prepare employee data for bulk import into Humi

    To simplify your transition, we offer a bulk import function that lets you add employee data to the platform easily. Learn more about preparing and importing employee data here!


Meeting your Implementation Associate

Your Account Executive will be connecting you with your Implementation Associate via email.

Your Associate will then reach out, schedule a training call and share the Getting Started with Humi Guide with you. Keep an eye out for the calendar invite!

Implementation Timelines

Our Implementation Associates are experts dedicated to assuring your onboarding experience is optimal. They'll collaborate closely with you to ensure the complementary implementation is finished within the designated timeframe, which has been established according to the business's size.

When the complementary implementation timelines are exceeded, there will be a charge for additional training calls.


Summary of the implementation process

Core HR Module Training Getting Ready: Activate your account and follow the instructions to import employee data.

Humi Pro tip: Check out our guide, Getting Started with Humi, for step-by-step instructions on becoming a Humi expert. Feel free to create an Onboarding task list, add documents, and review roles & permissions.
Time Off Module Training Getting Ready: Answer the list of Time Off questions sent by your implementation associate via email.

Pro tip: Revisit the Time Off section of the Getting Started with Humi guide. Be adventurous, go ahead, and start creating time off types and policies.
Launch to employees! Crucial before the launch: Ensure that Core HR and Time Off settings are ready for your employees. All payroll-related information should have been added to Humi.

Time to launch Humi:
Send the pre-invite emails to your employees 24 hours before sending the invites to join Humi. Afterward, send the invitations via your Humi account!
Payroll Module Training Getting Ready: Ensure the CRA information and company banking details are under the 'Company' tab and are accurate. Make sure that employees on payroll are in 'active' status and have their compensation entered under the 'Job & Pay' tab in their profile.

Humi Pro tip: Review Humi's Payroll Quick Start Guide. Decide when you want to run your first live payroll in Humi. If you have benefits, gather the information for the amounts paid by the employee or employer for each benefit type.
Recruiting Module Training Getting Ready: Prepare a list of job postings, email templates, and funnel templates.

Humi Pro tip: Take a glance at the Getting Started with Humi guide and review the recruiting settings. Start configuring the job board, creating email and funnel templates, and crafting your first job posting.
Performance Module Training Getting Ready: Compile a list of your performance templates, reviews and goals frequency.

Humi Pro tip: Have a look at the Getting Started with Humi guide and review the performance settings. Add your performance templates to Humi and create your first reviews.


Successful implementation completed, congratulations!

Once the implementation period is over and you have successfully launched Humi to your team, the support from your implementation associate will conclude. But don't worry, it doesn't end there. We're still here for you! Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

To get your questions answered, just click on the question mark in the lower right corner, type your question, and review the suggested articles. If you can’t find the answer, click on Contact Us.

You can also check out the rest of our Humi Help Center for additional resources and information.


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