Humi Job Board – Advanced Style Guide

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Use this advanced style guide to stylize your job board with available CSS classes that comprise the Humi job board theme.

Important note

If you arrived here before reading this article, we recommend taking a minute to review it before diving into this guide.

To use this feature, you must have a solid knowledge of "HTML" and "CSS" because you will need to create "custom CSS." We recommend asking your web developer to assist in setting this up. 

Humi Job Board Advanced Style Guide

Layout Page

  • layout-header : header of the job board


  • layout-content : the content area of the job board


Categories Page

  • category-header: The categories header


  • category-section: The whole section for a category


  • job-posting: A single posting within a category


Details Page

job-posting-details: The section where the job posting details are shown


Apply Page

  • apply-header: The header for the apply page


  • apply-form: The form on the apply page


Done Page

  • done-header: the done page header


  • done-text-section:


That's all! You're now ready to add advanced styles to your Humi job board. To learn more about the Humi job board, click on the links below.

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