Automatic Email Settings

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The next section to edit after setting up your "Job Board Information" is the "Automatic Email Settings."

The email you set up here will be sent to applicants who apply to your job postings.

In "Recruiting," under the "Settings" tab click "Edit" in the top right corner of this section.


This article will explain the fields you can edit in this section:

  • From
  • Template
  • Subject
  • Body



In this field, select the email that will send your applicants an email after they've submitted their job application. 

By default, this will be set as: "" If you want to change this to your personal email, you can select it from the dropdown menu. Note that the email displayed here is the one used to log into your Humi account. 


Select the "Email Template" you would like to use for this email. 

If you don't have "Email Templates" set up, or would like to draft your email from scratch, select the "Free Form" option. 


This is the email subject line applicants will see when they receive your email. 


You can write your email in the "body" section. If you used an "Email Template," it will be populated here and you can adjust it as needed. 

If you selected, "Free Form" you can write your email here. You can use the "customization tokens" on the right to personalize the email. Learn more about "Customization Tokens."

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