Job Board Information

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The first step in setting up your job board is to enter your "Job Board Information."

In "Recruiting," click the "Settings" tab to get to this page:


This article will review the five fields you can edit in this section: 

To get started, click the "Edit" link in the top right corner of the "Job Board Information" section.


From here you can edit the following fields:

Job Board Title

Enter the name you would like displayed in the header of the "Job Board" on your website. Typically this is the name of your company. 

Company Website

Enter your company’s website URL here to link your company's website to the logo on your "Job Board."

Job Board Address

Enter your desired "Job Board URL Address" here. 

If you're posting your open jobs on other sites, you can use this link to direct applicants to your Humi job board. 

This "Job Board URL Address" can also be used on your company's "Careers" page to direct job seekers to your Humi job board.

Success Message

This is the message that applicants will receive when they successfully apply for your job posting.

This message is a confirmation message that their application has been received so you can't customize this for different job postings. 

If you want to send information to your applicants that are specific to the job posting, click here to learn how

Embedded Job Board

Click the "Get Started" button to get the code you need to effortlessly embed your Humi Job Board on your company website. 


  Click here for the next step: Edit Automatic Email Settings

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