How to embed your Humi Job Board on your company website

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Indeed and LinkedIn are some of the most popular job boards online right now. People search these sites for job leads and then apply for any jobs they like on these sites.

Sometimes, after seeing a job posting that they're interested in, they'll head over to the company's website to do some research. While there, they'll likely check the "Careers" page to check any other jobs of interest. This "Careers" page is a job board.

Humi already has an Indeed Integration, but you can now embed your Humi job board right onto your company website! It's a great way to get more applicants to view and apply to your available job postings.

To match your company brand, you can customize the embedded Humi job board by changing the font size, type, colours, etc.

The "Embedded Job Board Style Guide" provides instructions on how to customize the embedded Humi job board to match the style of your existing company website. If you have a web developer, you can send it to them to make any required customizations.

How to Embed the Job Board


  1. Navigate to the “Recruiting” module on the left menu
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab
  3. Click the “Get Started” button in the first section 
  4. The “Embedded Job Board” code will pop up and looks like this:


5. Copy the code directly from the pop-up and give it to the person responsible for developing your website. They will need to add this code to the HTML on the page where you would like the job board displayed on your website.

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