Job Board Theme and Advanced Styles

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After setting up your "Job Board Information" and "Automatic Email Settings," the next thing to do is to set up your "Job Board Theme."

In "Recruiting," click the "Settings" tab. In the "Job Board Theme" section, click "Edit" to make changes. 


From here, you can update/add: 

  • Company Logo: this will be displayed in the top left corner of your Job Board page. We recommend uploading an image that is 32px tall because the logo width does not matter.
  • Button colour: This will apply to the links that redirect applicants to a job posting’s page, like the "Job Posting Title" and the "Learn More" buttons. 
  • Header colour: This applies to the header of your job board which displays your logo and company name.

You'll also see a quick link that will direct you to the "Company Logo" page, where you can add your company logo to Humi. Learn how to add your company logo to Humi.

Customizing your job board theme allows you to create a job board that looks more aligned with your company brand.

If you want even more customization, keep reading to learn how to use "Advanced Styles."

Once you've saved your edits, your job board will automatically update to reflect the changes.

Advanced Styles

The "Job Board Theme" section provides a good foundation for customizing your job board, but if you need more customization, you can achieve this in the "Advanced Styles" section.


Important note

To use this feature, you must have a solid knowledge of "HTML" and "CSS" because you will need to create "custom CSS." We recommend asking your web developer to assist in setting this up. 

Click "Edit" and enter the custom CSS details. 


Two options are available to define the source CSS: a hosted "URL for custom CSS" and a direct input in the "Custom CSS" section - which can be used exclusively or simultaneously. 

The direct CSS input can be written as it would in a .css file. By inspecting the job board page, you can identify the appropriate selectors and apply the desired styling to the elements of your interest or check out the Humi Job Board – Advanced Style Guide here. 

  Click here for the next step: How to embed your Humi Job Board on your company website

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