How to view an employee's assigned roles (manager, admin or custom roles)

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If you're unsure which roles your employee has been assigned, you can quickly check who's assigned to each default or custom role in "Settings."

How to view an employee's assigned roles

  1. In "Settings," click on the "Roles & Permissions" tab. Screen_Shot_2022-07-28_at_1.07.59_PM.png
  2. The default roles are listed in the first section and briefly described. Below you'll see any custom roles that have been created. Learn more about custom roles. 
  3. Click on the default role that you want to check, and you'll automatically be directed to the "Role Details" page. Screen-Recording-2022-07-28-at-9.55.42-AM.gif
  4. Next, select the "Employee" tab. You'll be able to see all employees assigned to this role here.  Screen_Shot_2022-07-28_at_10.32.43_AM.png
  5. Click "Back" to return to the "Roles and Permissions" page and view the employees assigned to other roles, including custom roles. Once there, click on the other roles to see who is assigned to them and repeat step 4.

If you want to remove an employee from an assigned role, click on the "Revoke" link on the right. For a step-by-step guide, click here to review the article. 

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