How to remove an additional role from an employee

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We understand that things change, life happens, and there may be situations when employees step down from the additional responsibilities of a manager or admin role. 

If this is the case, you're in the right place because this article explains how to remove an employee's "manager" or "admin" role. 

Important note

All users must be assigned to at least one role at all times. If the employee has only one role, you must first assign them to another role before removing their current role.

How to remove an additional role from an employee

  1. In "Settings," click on the "Roles & Permissions" tab. 
  2. The default roles are listed in the first section, with a brief description. Below this, you'll see any custom roles that have been created. Learn more about custom roles. 
  3. Click on role that is currently assigned to the employee, and you'll automatically be directed to the "Role Details" page. Screen-Recording-2022-07-28-at-9.55.42-AM.gif
  4. Next, select the "Employee" tab. You'll see all employees who are assigned to this default role. Use the search bar, filters or scroll to find the employee you want to remove the role from and click "Revoke" on the right.Screen_Shot_2022-07-28_at_12.08.45_PM.png
  5. The employee will be removed from the role but will still have the "Employee" role.

That's it! You can manage all employee roles from this section. Use the links below to learn more about Humi's settings.

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