Step 2: Review Employee T4s

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Review Employee T4s

To review and edit an employee's T4, click on an employee's name in the tax package. Screen_Shot_2022-01-10_at_11.50.47_AM.png

‍You'll be directed to the next page with the employee's T4 details. The first section, at the top of the page, has "Employee Details" and in the next section, has their "T4 Details" which are auto-filled based on your payroll setup configurations.

Make Edits to T4s

 If you need to edit any of these details, click "Edit" in the top right corner of the section and make the changes. 


When you've completed any necessary edits to the employee's T4, you can select the "Preview and Review" button at the top right corner of the screen to see the changes on the T4.


If you've made any mistakes, you can always revert your employee's T4 back to its original version by clicking the three dots and selecting "Revert to Original"Screen_Shot_2022-01-10_at_11.58.33_AM.png

‍When you click the "Preview and Review" button, Humi will display the PDF version of the T4 and run an automatic PIER analysis listing any discrepancies in Insurable and Pensionable earnings.

It's important to note discrepancies can occur due to rounding methods or implementation errors. Any overages will be settled by the CRA at Year-End while deficiencies can be rectified as outlined in the Verify Statutory Deductions Amounts section in our Year-End guide.

Registered Pension Plan

If your business offers employees a Registered Pension Plan benefit, in the form of a Defined Contribution, Defined Benefit, or Profit Sharing plan, then you will be required to fill the Pension Plan Registration number in Box 50 of the employee’s T4. 

If you offer your employees a Defined Benefit plan, then you will also need to review the Pension Adjustment value in Box 52. 

If you offer your employees either a Defined Contribution or Profit Sharing plan, then you will also need to fill the Pension Adjustment value in Box 52. 

For more information, please visit the CRA’s guide to Pension Adjustment or the Pension Adjustment Calculation Sheet.

Finalize T4s

After completing all the edits, go back to your list of "Employee T4s" and click the "Finalize T4s" button.

You will see this pop-up with 3 items to check off before proceeding:


  1. You've verified and reviewed that your T4s are accurate and you do not require any year-end adjustments or changes to employee and payroll information
  2. T4s will become locked and you won't be able to make any additional edits. After you've sent out your T4s and submitted them to the CRA, any edits will have to be made through an Amendment.
  3. Once you've finalized your T4s, you'll be required to download the T619 file and submit it to the CRAs portal. The T619 is the employer package downloaded as an .XML file (the required format from the CRA) which contains all T4 and T4 summary information.

Once you've verified and checked off each item, click "Save" and your T4s will now lock and change their status from "Open" to "Finalized".

Repeat this process starting from step 1 to review and finalize each employee T4 slip. In addition, review the T4 Summary regularly to ensure the sum of reported T4 amounts are consistent with your reporting expectations.

5. Once all employee T4 slips have been reviewed and finalized, click the "Email All T4s" button. This will send a secure T4 PDF file to each employee's email address based on their contact information in their employee profile

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