How to Amend a Record of Employment (ROE)

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If you've issued an ROE and discovered an error or an adjustment is required, you can still edit the ROE in Humi as long as you haven't submitted it to the CRA yet.

ROE Information

Employee ROEs must include all "insurable earnings" and "hours worked" during the specified employment period.

This is why we recommend waiting to issue ROEs until all payments have been made to the employee. This ensures accuracy and will save you time - and a headache - from having to make changes later. 

Humi will automatically capture all insurable amounts and enter them into Block 15C on the ROE, the "per period insurable earning fields." 

Important note

If you paid a terminated employee on an off-cycle payroll after generating the ROE, Humi will not capture this additional payment information, and you will need to manually enter it.

There are a few scenarios where an ROE may need to be adjusted. This article will explain what you should do in each of the following scenarios:

In the chart below, you can quickly see the actions to take based on your specific scenario:



ROE Not Yet Generated

What to do if you made an additional payment to a terminated employee before generating their ROE

If the terminated employee was paid on an off-cycle payroll before generating their ROE, Humi can automatically add in all of their insurable earnings, including the most recent amounts paid to them on that off-cycle payment.


If the off-cycle payment is not configured to deduct EI, the amounts will not be included in the ROE's per-period insurable earnings.


ROE Generated but Not Sent to CRA

What to do if you've paid a terminated employee after you've generated their ROE but before you've submitted it to the CRA

In this scenario, since you haven't submitted the ROE to the CRA yet, you can still edit it in Humi. Follow these steps to edit the ROE:


  1. In Payroll, click on the Records tab and select ROEs from the dropdown
  2. Select the employee you need, and Humi will direct you to their ROE page
  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner and select Edit from the dropdown menu
  4. Edit "Per-period Insurable Earnings" - Block 15C
    In this section, add the sum of the insurable amounts you paid to the employee on the off-cycle payroll.
    In the example below, we paid the employee on an off-cycle payroll for one day of work, adding $200.00 (8 hrs x $25.00) to the existing amount.

  5. Edit "Insurable Hours" - Block 15A 
    After editing the "Per-period Insurable Earnings" in Block 15C, scroll up to edit the total "Insurable Hours" in Block 15A.
    In the "Total Insurable Hours" field, enter the number of additional hours you paid the employee on the off-cycle payroll.
    In our example, we'll add 8 hrs to the "Total Insurable Hours" because we paid the terminated employee for 8 additional hours.

    About Additional Payments

    If you made additional payments that are not regular wages, for example, bonuses, severance etc., then there is no need to adjust the total "Insurable Hours."

  6. After you've updated the "Per-period Insurable Earnings" and the "Insurable Hours," scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save."

  7. Now that you have the accurate ROE, you can submit it to the CRA. 

ROE Already Submitted to CRA

What to do if you've paid a terminated employee on an off-cycle payroll after submitting the ROE to the CRA

In this case, you can no longer make edits to the ROE and must contact to have one of our payroll specialists amend the ROE for you to include the amounts paid to and/or additional hours worked for the terminated employee.


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