What is an ROE?

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What is an ROE?

A "Record of Employment" (ROE) is the document employees use to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. It contains information about their employment history, hours worked, and the total earning amount while employed.

The information on the ROE determines your employee's EI claim eligibility and payment amounts, so all earnings and hours must be recorded as accurately as possible.

Time Sensitive

Whenever there is an interruption to an employee’s insurable earnings, the employer must issue an ROE within five calendar days


Understanding ROEs in Humi

Humi makes managing ROEs simple and streamlined. The following are important things to note about how ROEs work in Humi.

New to Humi?

If you're a new Humi customer or are still in the onboarding process, you MUST issue all outstanding ROEs with your previous provider PRIOR to setting up your Payroll with Humi.

The start dates on all ROEs issued by Humi will be the start date you joined Humi for Payroll.

ROEs in Humi aren't finalized Please keep in mind that the ROEs listed in Humi are NOT finalized copies.
ROEs are only considered final once they have been submitted or uploaded to the Service Canada Web ROE (Service Canada's portal) and a serial number is issued.
ROE Submission Process

Humi can submit ROEs to Service Canada on your behalf directly through your account, but only if you submit the document authorizing this action.

To request an ROE authorization form, please contact us here.

The form will be sent to the signing officer at your company. Once this is completed, a request for approval will be sent to Service Canada. Unless the authorization is denied or otherwise specified, the turnaround time for ROE authorizations typically ranges from 1 to 20 business days.

When it is complete, Humi will notify you and enable the Submit ROE option in the payroll account.

Looking for more details?

To learn more about the ins and outs of ROEs, check out this guide from the Government of Canada.

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