How to Submit an ROE to the Government of Canada (GoC)

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In Humi, there are two ways you can submit a Record of Employment (ROE) to the Government of Canada (GoC). The route you take will depend on the authorization you set up during implementation.

Option 1: Submit Automatically through Humi

During onboarding, if you authorized Humi to submit ROEs on your behalf, Humi will automatically process the ROE submission request when you click the Submit ROE button.

  1. After completing the ROE and clicking Save, click on the Submit ROE button in the top right corner
    Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 4.19.45 PM.png
  2. Humi will submit your ROE to the Government of Canada's Web ROE portal for you

    Note: The turnaround time for submitting an ROE is usually within one business day.

Don't see the button?

If you don't see a Submit ROE button when you've completed the ROE, it means that Humi isn't currently authorized Humi to submit ROEs on your behalf. In this case, you must follow the steps outlined below for Option 2.

If a submitted ROE needs amendment, please contact support. You'll need to provide the employee ROE and mention the fields that need to be amended.


Option 2: How to Manually Submit an ROE

If Humi is not authorized to submit on your behalf, you must manually submit the ROE on ROE Web.

  1. In Payroll, click on the Records dropdown and select ROEs
  2. Click on the most updated ROE created for the employee (this will be the last one if you issued more than one)
  3. From here, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Download from the dropdown. This will automatically start the download process for an XML file that contains the ROE information
  4. Log in to ROE Web, go to the ROE main page and upload through the web service.
  5. For additional assistance, you can contact the Employer Contact Centre.


How to Authorize ROEs with Humi

If you did not authorize Humi during your onboarding, and you would like Humi to submit ROEs on your behalf, please contact support to request an ROE authorization form.

The form will be sent to the signing officer at your company. Once this is completed, a request for approval will be sent to the Government of Canada. Unless the authorization is denied or otherwise specified, the turnaround time for ROE authorizations typically ranges from 1 to 20 business days.

When it is complete, Humi will notify you and enable the Submit ROE option in the payroll account.

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