Time Tracking Overview

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Welcome to Humi Time Tracking!

We're excited to introduce you to our Time Tracking feature, designed to streamline your team's workflow. With Time Tracking, your team can easily submit hours worked directly within Humi. These submitted hours seamlessly flow into timesheets for quick management review and one-click approval.

Before diving in, there are a few initial setup tasks to ensure smooth sailing with Time Tracking. In this post, we'll walk you through a general overview of these essential steps so you can get started with confidence. Let's dive in!


Setting up Time Tracking

  1. The first step to kick off your journey with this feature is adding employees to Time Tracking so we have something to track! 

    When configuring Time Tracking for the first time, assigning either yourself or another admin to the module is crucial. This ensures seamless operation and guarantees that important notifications are delivered promptly to someone on your team whenever necessary. At least one admin must be assigned to Time Tracking at all times.
  2. Understanding Approval Flows makes creating projects easier. There are three approval flows to select from:

    • Project Owner(s) Approval - The Project Owner approves hours
    • Direct Manager Approval - The employee's direct manager approves hours
    • Automatic Approval - Hours are automatically approved when entered
  3. Setting up a Timesheet Deadline and Reminders helps to ensure that no one on your team forgets to log their hours or approve an employee's timesheets.
  4. Have you ever wanted the hours tracked on a project to be integrated with payroll data? Well, the wait is over. Our Time Tracking to Payroll Integration does just that. Check out this article to learn how to set it up.


Using Time Tracking

  1. Managing Your Projects

    Now that you've configured your Time Tracking preferences, it's time to dive into creating projects within Humi. This article is your comprehensive guide for seamlessly creating, editing, archiving, and deleting projects within the Time Tracking Module.

  2. Manage and Approve Timesheets

    Time Tracking makes approving employee hours easy with simple workflows built into Humi! Learn how to manage and approve timesheet records for both projects and individual hour entries with ease.
  3. Time Tracking Reports


    These reports offer a simple yet effective way to view and export data from the Time Tracking module. Admins can conveniently access snapshots of each employee's logged time, monitor project progress, or filter data by specific projects to focus on the information that matters most to you. Learn more about Time Tracking Reporting.


Time Tracking in Humi offers a seamless solution for managing projects and tracking employee hours. We aim to empower you to manage projects effectively, make it easier to keep track of employee hours and guide you toward data-driven decisions that boost efficiency and productivity.

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