Time Tracking - Understanding Approval Flows

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In Time Tracking under the Settings tab, you’ll find a section called Approval Flows. Approval Flows are the different ways that hours entered by employees are approved by your team.

Approval Flows for Projects

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The table shown on the settings page offers a basic breakdown of how many projects have been assigned to each of the default approval flows.

There are three approval flows available for projects:

  1. Project Owner(s) Approval - Hours are approved by the Project Owner
  2. Direct Manager Approval - Hours are approved by the employee’s direct manager
  3. Automatic Approval - Hours are automatically approved when entered

How do I choose the approval flow for a project?

When a new project is created, you can choose which of these approval flows you’d like to assign to that specific project. You can also adjust this setting as needed. Click here to learn more about Managing Projects.


Approval Flows for Independent Hours

For hours logged without a project, you can choose between Manager Approval or Automatic Approval by selecting an option from the dropdown.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 4.10.42 PM.png


Troubleshooting Missing or Inactive Approvers

If for any reason Humi can’t reach the assigned approver for an employee’s hours, an email will be sent to the assigned Time Tracking admin(s) to let you know about the issue.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 3.55.40 PM.png

An admin will need to approve the hours for the affected employee(s) and may also need to add or update the assigned approver in Time Tracking.

The table below shows the possible reasons you may have received this email and the solutions for each case.

Problem with Approver Solution
Not assigned to time tracking Add the approver to Time Tracking in Settings.
Is in Onboarding status Nudge the approver to complete their Onboarding or change the assigned approver for the affected employee(s) or project(s)
Has been terminated or is on leave Change the assigned approver for the affected employee(s) or project(s)
Has been deleted from Humi Change the assigned approver for the affected employee(s) or project(s)
The approver is missing (i.e. project owner is blank or the direct manager field is blank) Assign an approver to the project(s) or add a direct manager for the affected employee(s).
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