Xero - How the Integration Works

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How does the Xero integration work?

After setting up your Xero Integration, Humi will automatically push your payroll information to Xero after each pay run without you lifting a finger! After running payroll, simply log in to your Xero account, and you'll see the Manual Journals or Accounts Payable invoices ready for you to accept.


How do I complete my payroll using Xero?

Select your account setup from the tabs below to learn how.

Accounts Payable Invoice Manual Journal Entry

If you have opted to send your payroll information to Xero as an Accounts Payable invoice, follow the steps below:

  1. In Humi, run your payroll as you normally would

  2. Humi will send a Draft Bill to Xero, which can be seen on your Xero dashboard


  3. Review the Bill before approval:

    Field Description
    The Bill Date This is based on the date you clicked Approve on the pay run in Humi
    The Bill Reference This will display the Pay Day and the Pay Period
    Empty Account Field If a line item on the payroll in Humi did not have a Xero account mapped, then it will be blank in the Bill.
    You'll need to enter the General Ledger Account in the Bill directly in Xero before you can approve the Bill in Xero.


  4. When you're ready, click Approve to complete the process!

payroll confirm.png

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