Benefits Plus - How to Make Changes through an Employee Profile

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With Benefits Plus, when certain fields are edited in Humi on an employee’s profile, they will be updated on the insurance carrier portal as well. This article will go over the different information you can edit in Humi to update your employee benefits details.

Same-day processing

Changes made before 3:00 PM EST Monday to Thursday and before 11:00 AM EST on Fridays will be processed the same day unless additional information is needed from the requester.


What information can I update with Benefits Plus?

Any time one of the following fields is changed in Humi for an employee who is assigned to a benefits plan, Humi will be notified and the same change will be processed on the insurance carrier portal for that employee.

Some fields can only be edited by an admin, while others can be updated by an employee, manager, or admin. Have a look at your role below to see what fields you have access to.

Employees & Managers Admins Only

To get started, head to your Profile.


The following fields can be changed by an employee or manager in Humi to update their benefit plan information:

 Personal Information Address

Legal First Name

Street Address

Legal Last Name


Date of Birth



Postal Code






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