Delete a survey

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If you no longer require a survey, whether it's been completed or not, you can quickly delete it in less than a minute.  This article will explain how to delete a survey. 


Surveys > Click on the survey you need > Click the three dots > Select "Delete" from the dropdown menu > Delete Survey.

  1. From the "Overview" tab in "Surveys," scroll or use the search box to find the survey you want to export the results for, and click on it to be directed to the "Survey Details" page.
  2. Click the three dots on the top right corner and select "Delete" from the dropdown. Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_2.19.37_PM.png
  3. A confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm you want to delete the survey. Click the "Delete Survey" button to permanently delete the survey and all related results.  Screen_Shot_2022-07-20_at_2.21.12_PM.png
    Note: This action cannot be undone. 

You're now prepared to delete any survey as required. Keep reading the articles below to learn more about using the Surveys module. 

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