How to sort & filter the survey directory

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As you create more templates, it may become difficult to quickly find the survey you require, especially since both performance and survey templates are displayed in the survey directory. 

To help you out, this article will explain how to navigate the survey directory so you can find what you need using the sort and filter options. 

By default, the survey directory is sorted by creation date; if you create a new survey, it will appear at the top of the list.

Sort the directory by survey status

You can sort the reviews by status (overdue, in progress, completed, scheduled, missed) by clicking on the funnel icon next to the column title "Status."

Sort the survey directory by ascending or descending order

Click on the column titles to sort the survey directory in ascending or descending order. When you click on the title, an arrow will appear that shows you if it's ascending (pointing up) or descending (pointing down). 

Search Bar

If you know keywords in the survey title or the survey creator, you can enter them in the search bar, and Humi will automatically filter the directory to display surveys matching the keywords. 

View a Survey

You can view the following details of a survey:

  • Title
  • Due date
  • Template
  • Anonymous
  • Submissions
  • Description
  • Results (if complete)

When the survey is completed, click the "View Results" button to see the results. If the results are not anonymous, you'll be able to see who responded and their answer. Learn more about the survey results summary

To view survey results, all participants must complete the survey. You can, however, "force complete" a survey to view the results once you believe you've received enough responses.

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