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Running payroll with Humi is simple, but there may be times when you need a little extra help to run payroll or correct errors. Our support team is always happy to help, but service requests that fall outside of our normal scope will incur a fee.

This article will describe the payroll services Humi provides and their respective fees.

Payroll deadline extension - $30 per extension

Humi typically requires four business days to process payroll, but we understand that things happen, and you may miss the payroll deadline. If this is the case and you need to add one (1) business day to your payroll, Humi can use additional resources to extend your payroll deadline and ensure that your employees are still paid on time.

Please send your request to before the payroll deadline.

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Stop Payment - $50 per employee

Unfortunately, we're unable to apply a stop payment to the entire payroll; it must be done on a per-employee basis.

For us to process a stop payment, we need to receive your request at least 48 hours before the scheduled pay date.

If you find yourself in need of a stop payment, please shoot us an email at as soon as you can. Be sure to include all the necessary details such as the employee's full name, amount, pay period, and any other relevant information. Rest assured, Humi will promptly cancel the payment, adjust the year-to-date records, and either refund or hold funds as per your instructions in the email.

Note: While we're able to halt the payment process, unfortunately, we can't prevent the generation of the paystub. Our system automatically generates it once you hit the "complete and pay" button.

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Year-to-Date (YTD) record adjustment - $50 per employee

If any adjustments are needed for your YTD records, we can happily make these adjustments for you.

Please send your request to with the necessary specific details, including the employee's first and last name, the item to be adjusted, the pay period to be adjusted, the current amount, the new amount to be changed, and any other relevant information. 

Our support team will make the adjustments as requested using the information provided.

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Rejected credit - $30 per employee

When you run payroll, and an employee is paid using incorrect bank account details, Humi receives a rejected credit notice from the bank because they can't deposit the funds. Our support team will advise you of this credit rejection and ask you to confirm which of the below actions to take:

1) Confirm that the employee's bank account details are corrected, and funds should be resent.

Note that this could take up to 2 business days and the fees apply.

2) Confirm that the account has been corrected and request a refund.


If a refund is requested, this charge does not apply

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NSF debit - First occurrence: $100 / Second: $200 / Third (cap): $300

Suppose Humi receives a non-sufficient fund (NSF) notice from the bank after debiting your payroll account when you run payroll. In that case, our support team will immediately notify your admin to resolve the issue.
To ensure that employees are paid on time, we will resend the debit request as soon as you confirm that the error has been resolved.
If you discover the error before we do, please notify us at 

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Late payroll submission - $50 per late payroll

If you submitted your payroll late (after 4:30 pm EST on the deadline date), Humi can manually push the payment to ensure that employees get paid on time through direct deposit.

If this happens, contact our support team immediately through to inform us.

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Tax Override - $50 per payroll

Humi includes all of the standard tax settings and the ability to select exemptions and enter TD1 amounts that determine tax calculations.

If you need tax overrides to apply a special tax calculation for an employee, please email us at with all the details (employee's full name, pay period, tax item, old and new tax amounts, etc.) required for the overrides.

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CRA remittance and YTD adjustments - $50 per employee 

Humi can adjust your CRA remittances if requested. Also, changing the associated CRA remittances may be necessary when a YTD adjustment is required after processing CRA remittances.

Please email us at with your request.

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Payroll schedule change - $100 per occurrence

If you need to change your payroll schedule, including a change in the frequency, pay date, days in arrears and the issuance of ROEs for all employees as required by CRA, please email us at with your request.

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Update missing YTD information for an employee - $50 per employee

If an employee's year-to-date information is missing, we can add the employee's YTD records for T4 purposes. Please email us at with the details of your request.

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Trace payment (Bank) - $45 per employee and per payroll

When an employee provides a wrong account number and funds were deposited, Humi can trace the payment to confirm the payment status or if it was deposited to an incorrect account.

This service fee is applied on a per-payroll basis, if more than one trace is required, extra fees will apply.

Please send your request to

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