Add Your Name Pronunciation

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We understand that your name is a vital aspect of who you are, and it deserves to be pronounced accurately.

That's why we created the Name Pronunciation feature for your employee profile. This handy tool allows you to record the correct pronunciation of your name, ensuring that your colleagues can refer to it whenever needed, making interactions more personal and respectful.


Add Your Name Pronunciation


Click Profile > Basic Information section > Hit Edit > Scroll to the Name Pronunciation field > Click Record > Say your name > Hit Stop > Click Listen to hear the recording > Save

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  1. Head over to your employee profile by clicking on Profile in the left menu.
  2. In the Basic Information section, hit Edit, located in the upper right corner. 
  3. Look for the Name Pronunciation field, click on Record, then simply say your name.
  4. Click Stop when you're done recording. Once you've recorded your name, the Record button transforms into a Listen button. Give it a click to hear how you sound. If it's not quite right, no worries! Just hit the trash can icon to delete and try again until it's spot on.
  5.  Once you're happy with the recording, click Save. 
  6. Refresh the page and you'll see your name pronunciation is now securely marked with a little speaker icon next to your name.


So, the next time someone's unsure about pronouncing your name, they can simply look you up in the employee directory and hit the speaker to hear it loud and clear!

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