How To Change Your Password

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Cybersecurity is a crucial shield against evolving threats in today's fast-paced digital landscape. With technology weaving its way into every aspect of our lives, safeguarding our digital identities has become more important than ever before. If you need to change your password quickly, this article will show you how.


Click on Profile > Account tab > In the password section, click Edit > Add your new password > Save

1. Click Profile to go to your employee profile.

2. Click the Account tab, scroll to the Password section and click Edit in the upper right corner. 


3. Enter and confirm your new password in the pop-up, then click Save.

Your password must contain the following: 

  • One uppercase character
  • One lowercase character
  • One number
  • Eight character minimum


That's it! You've just changed your password and must use it to log in to Humi.

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