Apply a "Funnel Template" to a job post

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After creating your funnel templates from scratch or an existing job funnel, you can easily apply them to any job posting.


Recruiting > Select the job post you want to apply the "Funnel Template" > "Funnel" tab > "Templates" dropdown > Apply Template > Select the funnel template to apply 

1. In "Recruiting," select the job post that you want to apply the "Funnel Template." job-post.png

2. In the job posting, click the "Funnel" tab. funnel-tab.png

3. Click the "Templates" dropdown and select "Apply Template." save-as-template.png

4. Select the "Funnel Template" you want to apply from the dropdown menu. select-template.png

Your job post will now have the same job funnel as the template you selected.

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