Create a "Funnel Template" from an existing "Job Funnel"

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Recruiting is a complex job, and we know sometimes it can feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. So, to help you save time, we've made it easy to create a "Funnel Template" from an existing job post instead of creating a "Funnel Template" from scratch.

This article will explain how to do this in just four quick steps.

Quick steps

Recruiting > Select the job post with the job funnel you want to save > "Funnel" tab > "Templates" dropdown > Save as a Template > Name template and adjust stages as needed > Save

1. In "Recruiting," select the job post with the funnel you want to save as a template. job-post.png

2. In the job posting, click the "Funnel" tab. funnel-tab.png

3. Click the "Templates" dropdown and select "Save as Template." save-as-template.png

4. Give the new template a name in this pop-up. You can delete any funnel stages you don't need by clicking the three dots on the side. Click the " Save" button once you're happy with the template. name-template.png

You'll now see this new "Funnel Template" on the "Templates" page ( Recruiting > Templates >Funnel Templates). templates.png

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