Manage Job Funnels - How to add, rename, delete and reorder

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After you've created your job post, you can set up a job funnel to stay organized and keep track of your applicants as they move through your recruiting process.

With "Job Funnels," you can create custom "funnel stages" that represent each stage in your recruiting process. For example, if your recruiting process for a job post includes a phone screen, first interview, second interview and a presentation before getting the job offer, you can create a "job funnel" with each of these steps represented as a "funnel stage."

As applicants move through your recruiting process, you can move them into the next funnel stage. 

You can also set up automatic emails for each funnel stage that will automatically email the applicants when you move them into the new funnel stage. You can also manually send bulk emails to applicants in a funnel stage. 

This article will explain the job funnels overview and how to:

  • Add a funnel stage
  • Rename funnel stage
  • Delete a funnel stage
  • Rearrange funnel stages

Job funnels overview

After creating your job post, you can set up your custom job funnel with the funnel stages required for your recruiting process. Note that you can only have one "Funnel" per job posting.

1. In "Recruiting," click on your job post.

2. On the job post page, click the "Funnel" tab.


In the "Funnel" section, you'll see the default funnel stage: "Applied." All job applicants that pass your auto-archiving questions will be added to the "Applied" funnel. 


You're unable to place an applicant in more than one funnel stage within a job posting unless you create two separate "applicant profiles" for the same person within that same job posting.

Add a new funnel stage

1. Click the "+Add Stage" button.


2. Add the "Column Name" – this is the name of the funnel stage. For example, "Phone Screen."


Rename a Funnel Stage

If you need to edit a funnel stage, you can rename it by clicking the three dots on the funnel stage and selecting "Rename" from the dropdown menu.


Delete a funnel stage

To delete a funnel stage, click the three dots on the top right corner and select "Delete" from the dropdown menu.


Reorder funnel stages

To rearrange the funnel stages, drag and drop them in the order you prefer. 


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