Create a "Funnel Template" from scratch

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"Funnel Templates" make it easy to track applicants' progress and reliably communicate with them as they move through your recruiting process.

For example, suppose your recruiting process includes a phone screen, first interview, second interview and a presentation before offering a job offer. In that case, you can create a "job funnel" with each of these steps represented as a "funnel stage."

With "Funnel Templates," you can create custom job funnels that you can reuse several times for any new job posting you make. You can create multiple funnel templates for different job postings, or you can have one job funnel that you apply to every job post; it's totally up to you.

Create a "Funnel Template" from scratch

Summary and Video Instructions

Recruiting > "Templates" tab > Funnel Templates > "+ Create Funnel Template" button > Enter Template Name > Add funnel stage with "+ Add Stage" button > "Save Template" button

1. In "Recruiting," click on the "Templates" tab, then select "Funnel Templates" from the dropdown menu.templates.png

2. From here, you can see all of your existing funnel templates. funnel-templates.png

3. Click the "+ Create Funnel Template" button in the top right-hand corner. 

4. In the "Create Template" pop-up, type in the template name. This could be the job post title or anything that will help you remember it. 


5. After naming the "Funnel Template," click the "+ Add Stage" button to add the funnel stages you need for this template. Some examples of funnel stages to add are phone screen, first interview, second interview etc. 



The "Applied" funnel is the default, and all applicants who apply for the job post will automatically be added here.

6. In the pop-up, enter the "Column Name" for the funnel stage you want to add.  Screen_Shot_2022-02-01_at_4.34.29_PM.png

7. Once you've added all the funnel stages you need for this "Funnel Template," click the "Save Template" button.  Screen_Shot_2022-02-01_at_4.37.54_PM.png

After saving it, you'll be directed to the "Funnel Templates" page, where you'll see your newly created template added to the list of existing templates.  Screen_Shot_2022-02-01_at_4.39.25_PM.png

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