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After you've submitted your interview, you can view the results in two ways: 

  • From the "My Interviews" tab
  • From the "Interviews" tab on the "Job posting"

If you're unsure how to complete an interview you've been assigned, click here to learn how.


To reduce bias, you won't be able to see any other interviewer's responses until they submit their "Interview." We want all interviewers to give their feedback without any influence from the other interviewers. Screen_Shot_2022-03-02_at_3.46.12_PM.png

View results from the "My Interviews" tab


Recruiting > My Interviews > Click on the submitted interview > View the interview results in the "Feedback" section

  1. In "Recruiting," select the "My Interviews"
  2. From here, you'll be able to see all interviews that you've ever been assigned.
    To find the specific interview you want to view, use the search bar or sort the list in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column title. 
    Note: Interviews with a "Pending" status have not yet been completed.  Screen_Shot_2022-03-02_at_3.39.21_PM.png
  3. To view the interview results, click on any submitted interview.
    Note: If you click on the applicant's name, you'll be directed to their applicant profile instead of their interview. 
    In the "Summary" section, you'll see if all interviewers have submitted their interviews and their evaluation of the applicant (pass or fail).
    Once everyone has submitted their "Interview," scroll down to the "Feedback" section to view the anonymous answers. 

View results from the "Interviews" tab on the "Job Posting"


Recruiting > Job Posting > "Interviews" tab > Click on the applicant's name to view their interview > View the interview results in the "Feedback" section.

  1. In "Recruiting," click on the "Job Posting" that you want to view the "Interview."

  2. Click the "Interviews" tab. Screen_Shot_2022-01-12_at_5.16.17_PM.png
  3. You'll be able to see the "Completion Progress" of the "Interviews."
    In the example below, we can see that the interview for "Kenny Costa" was completed by both interviewers because the "Completion Progress" shows 2 of 2 interviewers. Screen_Shot_2022-01-12_at_5.17.44_PM.png
  4. To view the completed interview, click on the applicant's name to view their interview results.
    In the "Summary" section you'll see each interviewer's applicant evaluation rating as either "pass or fail". 
    Scroll down to the "Feedback" section to view everyone's anonymous answers. view-results__1_.gif

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