Step 1: Create an interview

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If you've been looking for a way to speed up your hiring time, create standardized interviews for each job posting and quickly gather interviewer feedback about applicants – look no further because you can do it all with our "Interviews" tool.

If you landed here before checking out our "Interviews Overview" article, click here to review it quickly. 

This article will explain: 

Create an interview "from scratch"


Recruiting > Click on the job posting > "Interviews" tab > Click the "Create Interview" button > Select "From scratch" > "Create" button > Enter details > Next > Add the interview questions > Complete

  1. In "Recruiting," click on the job posting you want to create an interview for.


  2. Click the "Interviews" tab in the job posting, then click the "Create Interview" button.


  3. Select the "From scratch" option in the pop-up and click the "Create" button.


  4. You'll be directed to the "Create Interview" page. In the first step, "Details," you must give the interview a "Name" and "Description" before you can move on.

    Once completed, click the "Next" button.


  5. In the second step, "Questions," add the interview questions needed for the job posting.

    Click the "Add a question" link and in the pop-up, select the question type from the dropdown menu and enter the interview question.

    When creating your interview, you have a few options:

    - You can create a structured interview guide for the interviewer containing a list of specific interview questions to ask the applicant (ex: Tell me about a challenge or conflict you've faced at work and how you dealt with it).
    - You can add feedback questions about the applicant that are solely meant for the interviewer (ex: What are the applicant's strengths and/or areas of concern?)
    - You can add a combination of both types of questions 

    The "Question Types" are explained in more detail later in this article, but you can click here to skip to it now.


    As you add your interview questions, you'll see a preview of the interview on the right side of the page. This preview shows you how the interview will look to the assigned interviewers. 

    To edit or delete a question you added, click the three dots and select "Edit" or "Delete" from the dropdown menu. Learn more here. 
  6. Once you've added all the questions you need, click the "Complete" button to create your interview. You'll see the interview you just made in the job posting under the "Interviews" tab.

Now that you've created the interview, you can move on to Step 2: Assign the Interview.

How to create a new interview from an "existing interview"

After setting up a few interviews, you can save time by creating a new interview from an "existing interview." This method uses the existing interview as a template that you can use as it is or quickly make adjustments for the new job posting as required. 

Quick steps

Recruiting > Click on the job posting > "Interviews" tab > "Create Interview" button >"From an existing interview" option > Select the "Existing interview" to use > Create > Make adjustments as needed

    1. In "Recruiting," click on the job posting you want to create the "Interview" for.
    2. Click the "Interviews" tab in the job posting and then click the"Create Interview" button.
    3. Select the "From an existing interview" option and then select the existing interview you'd like to use.
    4. Click the "Create" button.
    5. The new interview will populate exactly like the "existing interview" you selected. You can edit the "name, description and edit, add or remove questions" from the interview or keep everything the same.
    6. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, click the "Complete" button to create the new interview.

Question Types

There are four types of questions you can create for your interviews:

  • Multiple-choice 
  • Opinion scale
  • Open question
  • Yes/No


If the question isn't mandatory, uncheck the box beneath the interview question that says, "This is a required question."


When creating a multiple-choice question, you can make it "single-select" or "multi-select." If you choose "single-select," the interviewer can only select one option from the choice list. If you choose "multi-select," they can select more than one choice from the list.

Note: You can enter a maximum of six choices on the choice list. 

Opinion scale

Creating an interview question with an opinion scale allows the interviewer to answer the question using a "rating" system.

There are two scale types to choose from: "Numerical" or "Stars."

You can also create custom definitions for the lowest and highest rating with the opinion scale questions by clicking on the box under the number and entering the definition. We've made 1-star "Too general" and 5-stars "Very detailed" concerning the interview question in the example below. 


Open question

An open question means that the interviewer is free to type in an open-ended answer. This is an excellent option for questions that require lots of details.


Use this question type for interview questions that only require a simple "Yes" or "No" response. 


Now that you know how to create an interview, the next step is assigning the interview. 

 Click here for Step 2: Assign the interview

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