Hire a new employee – How to add Employees to Humi Payroll

The first step in the "Payroll Quickstart Guide" is adding your employees to Humi Payroll. 

You'll need to add each employee individually since there is no "batch" option, but luckily this only needs to be done once.

How to add employees to Humi Payroll

  1. In "People," under the "Directory" tab, you'll see your employee directory. Click on the employee's name to be directed to their "Employee Profile."Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.18.44_PM.png
  2. In their "Employee Profile," click on the "Job & Pay" tab.
  3. In the first section, "Employment Information," find the "Payroll" field and click the "Pay" button. Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.19.01_PM.png
    This will add the employee to Humi Payroll and it will now say "Paying" under the "Payroll" field. Screen_Shot_2022-01-11_at_2.22.54_PM.png
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each employee to add them to Humi Payroll. Note: Once an employee is added to Payroll, they cannot be removed.  

Taxes and Exemptions

If your employees have any "Tax exemptions," you should enter them in the "Job & Pay" section of their employee profile. Learn how to enter tax exemptions, additional tax credits and additional taxes to be deducted here.

Payroll Quickstart Guide

  1. Add employees to Humi Payroll 
  2. Update employee Tax Exemptions/Tax credits if needed
  3. Set up Income Types and Allowances
  4. Set up Benefits & Deductions
  5. Enter onboarding "Year-to-date" (YTD) data
  6. Enter onboarding "Vacation Starting Balances"
  7. Run Payroll Guide – Learn how to edit and run Payroll 
  8. How to generate a Payroll Register
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