How Do I Download My Paystub?

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Paystubs are handy for tracking your earnings and deductions every pay period. They make sure you’re getting paid correctly and show you where your money is going—like taxes, benefits, etc.

We know how important they are, so we've made viewing or downloading them incredibly easy.

There are two ways to get your paystubs in Humi:

  1. Directly from your Payday notification email
  2. From the Paystubs section in Humi


Download Your Paystub from the Notification Email

  1. Every payday, you'll receive an email notification from Humi that looks like this:
  2. When you click the Get Your Paystub button, a pop-up will direct you to the Paystubs page in your Humi account.
  3. From here, you can either View or Download any of your paystubs.

Didn't Get The Payday Email?

If you didn't receive an email like this, you may need to update your primary email address to ensure you receive all future notifications.


How To Find Your Paystub in Humi

Getting to your paystubs in Humi only takes three clicks!

  1. Log in to your Humi account
  2. Click Paystubs in the left menu
  3. Choose the paystub you’d like to View or Download


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