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With Humi's powerful "People" module, you can quickly and effectively manage your most valuable asset, your people.

This article will provide you with a high-level overview of each tab and the valuable features available in this module. To begin, select "People" from the left-hand navigation menu.

There are eight tabs available:Screen_Shot_2022-08-31_at_11.43.03_AM.png

Additionally, when you hire a new employee, you can add them from this page using the "+ Employee" button on the top right corner. Learn how to add a new employee to Humi.



You'll find a table in the directory with your employees' names, positions, statuses, departments, and hire dates.

To find an employee, scroll through the table, enter their name in the search bar, or use filters by clicking on the funnel icon next to the column name and selecting the required criteria.

When you find the employee you're looking for, click on their name, and Humi will take you to their "Employee Profile." Learn more about the information available in each tab of the employee profile by clicking here.

My Team

This tab displays a list of all employees who report to you. This allows managers to quickly find the employee profiles for their team members without having to search the entire directory.


In this tab, you can easily see the structure of your organization and the number of employees in each department.


Click on a department to view the department page, which displays information about the employees in the department, including their full name, position, status, department and hire date.

Check out our "Departments guide" to learn how to add, edit, view or delete a department in Humi. 

Org Chart


This tab displays a visual representation of your company's org chart, allowing you to see the company's hierarchy easily. Learn more about the org chart here.  


This tab displays the offer table with the applicant's name, job title, offer expiration, start date, offer status, and offer date for all offers sent from Humi.  

Click the "Send Offer Letter" button on the top right corner to send an offer letter. Learn more about offer letters. 

Click on the applicant's name to be directed to the job offer page. To find the applicant you need, enter their name in the search bar.

On the candidate's job offer page, you can add a note to the candidate's information, view the current offer details, revise the offer if necessary, and view the offer history and offer progress.



Our "Tasks" feature is a powerful tool for assigning general tasks to employees and tracking their progress, all from within the Humi app.

This feature is easy to use, and we have a lot of resources to help you get started using tasks. 


In this tab, admins can create "Request Templates, " allowing employees to request profile changes.

There are five request templates available:

    • Job Information
    • Employment Type
    • Position
  • Promotion
  • Compensation

After admins set up these templates, they can specify who can make profile change requests and who will be included in the approval flow of these requests. This makes it much easier to ensure all employee data is up-to-date and accurate. 

Learn more about "Profile Change Requests."


In this tab, you can use the dropdown to select if you would like to set up "Onboarding" or "Offboarding" settings. 

Onboarding settings

Click here to learn how to configure your "Onboarding" settings.

Offboarding settings

To set up offboarding reminders, select "Offboarding" from the dropdown and click on the "+ Create Offboarding Reminder" button in the top right corner. 

Complete the required fields in the pop-up and click "Save." When an employee leaves the company, these reminders will be sent to the assignees you've chosen.

Now that we've covered what you can do in the People module, use the links below for more detailed guides and information.

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