How to Connect Humi SSO to Okta

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Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta is a joint effort between you and our team at Humi. This article will walk you through the steps to connect Humi to Okta and show you how to get in touch with our support team to complete the connection. Let’s do this!

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Supported Features

  • Service Provider-Initiated Single Sign-On Flow: This authentication process occurs when the user tries to access the application via Humi.
  • Identify Provider Single Sign-On Flow: Access the application with your Identify Provider, Okta

Need to adjust your employees?

User Federation, role management, and similar features aren’t provided through Okta. Users and their roles within Humi must still be managed through Humi.


How to Add Humi to Okta

To get started, you’ll need to create a new App in Okta.

  1. Login to your Admin Okta Account
  2. Click the Admin button in the upper-right corner
  3. Next, head over to Applications in the sidebar menu
  4. Click on the Browse App Catalog button and search for Humi
  5. Click Add Integration to add Humi to Okta
  6. For the App Name, enter “Humi” and click Next
  7. The last step is adding your Company ID to Okta. You’ll need to get this from our team at Humi so keep reading to learn how to reach out to support for assistance.


Getting Your Company ID from Humi

The final step in connecting Humi with Okta is to get your Company ID from Humi Support. Our team is happy to help get this over to you. Follow the steps below to ensure our team receives all the information we need to complete your request.

  1. Submit a support request and provide the following:
    1. Okta Humi app Client ID

    2. Okta Humi app Client Secret

    3. Okta Domain

    4. Enable Home Realm Discovery?

      • If yes, what domains do you want to use? (Eg.,, etc.)

      What is Home Realm Discovery?

      This setting allows you to choose specific domains (used for company email addresses) that will trigger a redirect to Okta. This ensures that anyone attempting to log in with one of these email addresses will need to log in with Okta instead.

      For example: Let’s say Joe is trying to log in with his work email: If you include in the listed domains, their login attempt would redirect to Okta because the email ends with

  2. Humi Support will provide a Company ID that you can enter in the Company ID field in Okta.



Logging into Humi using Okta

Once you’ve completed the steps above, users will be able to sign into Humi using Okta SSO.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter their email address
  3. Login with Okta

Once enabled, users must log in with Okta.

Once Okta SSO is enabled, all users will have to log in to Humi using Okta. To learn more about how SSO works, click here.


That’s it! You’re now able to use SSO to log in to Humi through Okta.

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